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Having problems with your teeth? Dianov Dental Care Malang is the best solutions.

Having problems with your teeth? Dianov Dental Care Malang is the best solutions - Hallo Lovers? How is your life? hopefully all of you are in the good condition and day by day will be better. Have you gotten new news today? Well, will share the different information. We will present about health. Sometimes, people are confused when there is disease on their teeth. We know our teeth are the main point part on our organ. When someone gets toothache, he/she will feel annoying. He/she cannot eat some food well. Don’t worry, there is Dianov Dental Care (DDC) Malang. It will help you for solving your teething problem.

Dianov Dental Care has been established in 2010 by naming Malang Dental Care, then on September 2015 was changed to be new brand, Dianov Dental Care (DDC). The founder is Drg. Dian Novitasri, she is called as a humble dentist. She has good capability in teeth. She has some experiences for solving problems about teeth. DDC Malang is on Bungur Street No. 29 Malang.

Because the name of Malang Dental Care cannot be patented, finally we take new brand, Dianov Dental Care (DDC). DDC serves the care of teeth such as the children’s teeth care, adult’s teeth, and far advanced in years (old people). We serve the main teeth care till teeth operation. The founder said it is one of our service for customers. Because we are professional in aesthetic dental treatment.

By using one stop service, the service is always served professionally, it will be handled continuously by the dentists. Dianov Dental Care (DDC) serves the treatment from the children’s teeth treatment as lifting milk teeth, patching milk teeth, caring milk teeth root and cleaning milk teeth tartar. Dianov Dental Care(DDC) also serves the treatment of main teeth, such as cleaning teeth tartar, lifting teeth, patching teeth, caring canal teeth root. DDC Malang also serves for making store teeth by using dental implant system, free store teeth, dental crown, crown bridge, etc. Caring operation includes odontectomy, operculectomy, gingivectomy, tooth exposure, and splinting can be done in DDC Malang.

DDC Malang is considering in aesthetic dental treatment, while caring the aesthetic nozzle which is suitable on face shape. It is a treatment that consists of orthodontic, bleaching teeth, dental veneer, pink gum therapy, diamond teeth, and covering teeth. Lovers, don’t worry for waiting the queue. There is not long queue in DDC Malang, because there are 9 dentists and 6 chairs treatment. DDC Malang is also in Giant Sawojajar, there are 5 dentists and 3 chairs treatment. DDC Malang is the first Dental Care in Malang which open in Mall. We can call on (0341) - 491437 / WhatsApps: 082141456887 and Instagram : dianovdentalcare.

Well, Lovers, that is the information about Dental Care. If you have problems on your teeth, you can come to Dianov Dental Care Malang. You can consult your problems. Don’t worry the dentists are humble and friendly. Dianov Dental Care is professional in aesthetic dental treatment. DDC has proven as the best Dental Care in Malang.