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Amazing, Netherland Cafe in Malang! The Amsterdam Cafe!

Amazing, Netherland Cafe in Malang! The Amsterdam Cafe! - Hallo Lovers, we are coming back for giving a new information. While visting Malang, we recommend to stay and relaxing in the special place in Malang City. Malang is never bored to be a special place. Some people say that staying in Malang make them enjoy their life. Well, Lover, do you ever stay in the special cafe in Malang? what kind of cafe that you have visited?

As the culinary city, Malang has many kind of delicious food. Malang has many cafeterias in each places. One of the legend and famous cafe is The Amsterdam Cafe Malang. Why it is a legend cafe? Because The Amsterdam Cafe Malang has built since 30 years ago. Since 30 years ago, it has been known by large society, moreover the old customers really know it well. However, some adults have known it, because the place is comfortable and there are some available entertainments. Yup, it is one of the superiority that has been given by Amsterdam cafe. It tries to give the comfort to visitors.

Amazing, Netherland Cafe in Malang! The Amsterdam Cafe!
Amazing, Netherland Cafe in Malang! The Amsterdam Cafe!

The Amsterdam Café is one of restaurant that has been well-known in Malang. It has built since 1989 and the special food is steak. However, in 2013, it has gotten the changing, the concept was different of original concept. The concept became Bakery, Kitchen and Bar, or it has changed to be Streat Cafe concept such as in Netherland.

The Amsterdam Cafe is located in Pahlawan Trip street no. 25 Malang City. For twenties, it has been axis, the name of Amsterdam is identical for serving the special steak. Recently 3 years, the Amsterdam Cafe has been revolution. Nowadays, not only the special steak has been a legend, Amsterdam Café also presents a new concept, Bakery, Kitchen and Bar.

The another special serving is the way of serving the steak. It is not common serving, because the steak will be burned in front of visitors. The sensation of delicious steak only can be tasted in The Amsterdam Cafe Malang which serve Netherland concept. You can imagine how delicious it is, you are in Netherland.
While changing the new concept, Amsterdam Kitchen Bakery Cafe presents the new concept, where the target is for the adults that like hang out. The interior covers The Amsterdam Cafe to be a vintage. The other hand, The Amsterdam Cafe is available for indoor and outdoor place. The visitors can choose the own places. The Amsterdam Cafe & Resto opens 10.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m. in the midnight. While it becomes an interesting resto, The Amsterdam Cafe is also suitable for refreshing and gathering with family.

The Amsterdam Cafe ever presented dine and family resto concept by special steak. Moreover, in 1979 The Amsterdam Cafe was a place for selling bread or Bakery in Kawi street. In addition, food and live music are from The Amsterdam Cafe, cafe which is like semi resto can be a place for hunting photos. It is a photo able place, there are many spots for taking pictures. Moreover, the special menu also can be recorded. So don’t waste your time to visit The Amsterdam Cafe.

While enjoying the special steak, which has been the special menu here. You will be accompanied by live music. Another live music, there is Live DJ on Saturdays. What are you waiting for? Let’s go to The Amsterdam Cafe Malang, enjoying the special menu and listening the live music.

The Amsterdam Cafe is one of the favorite place for adults and family. Lovers, you can try to visit the place while you can enjoy your holiday in Malang. That is all for our information. Be waiting for new information about Malang. Don’t worry is always in your heart.