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Going for travelling? Surya Malang Travel is The Best Solution

Hay lovers? We are coming back. Sometimes we share the information about the tourism places for your holiday. Today, we will share about the solutions how you can travel but you feel tired for driving your car or you have problems about the transportation? Well, we will share the best travel that can help and accompany you and your family for going somewhere.

Going for travelling? You want to get the cheaper travel or rent car? Surya Malang Travel is the best solutions.

We are Surya Malang Travel that provides a land transportation. We are located in Malang and our head office is in Perum Graha Sejahtera D.5 Malang city, East Java, 65144 phone 081333252719 / 081234370759. We have built since 2008 in Malang City. We have had experiences in serving tour and travel Java and Bali area. We also serve Malng Juanda travel, Malang Surabaya travel, Malang Yogyakarta travel, Malang Denpasar travel, East Java area, Central Java area, and Bali. Surya Malang Travel makes your trips will be efficient, safe, and on time till the destination.

Going for travelling Surya Malang Travel is The Best Solution

Time Table of Surya Malang Travel

We always provide the service everyday based on the service time. Here are some schedules Malang Juanda travel, Malang Surabaya, Malang Perak as follow:

  1. Malang- Juanda 03.00 am- 05.00 pm
  2. Malang-Surabaya 03.00 am-05.00 pm
  3. Malang Perak 03.00 am-05.00 pm
  4. Juanda-Malang 07.00 am-07.00 pm
  5. Surabaya-Malang 07.00 am-07.00 pm
  6. Perak-Malang 07.00 am - 07.00 pm

If you want to book in others area, you can book by phone or come to the head office of Surya Malang Travel. You can book by Fast Booking. The example is like Date-Total Person-Name-Contact Person-Address of Departure, City-Destination, City then send to 081234370759. Surya Malang Travel gives priority to good services as one of our professionalism for providing Malang Juanda travel cheaper but good facilities.

What are our good services than others?

Well, we are as the travel agent that always provides and help the trips for everyone. Every travel agent has the facilities. Surya Malang Travel always tries to give good services. Our facilities are new cars while safe and fragrant cars. Such as APV, Grand Livina, Avanza, and Xenia (Max. 5-6 persons), Luxio and Innova (Max. 7 persons), Travello, L300, Hino Dutro, short and long ELF, and the another new car based on requests such as CRV, Mobilio, Ertiga, and Hiace. The facilities are full AC, Full Music, and Rec. Seat.

5 Reasons why you should choose Surya Malang Travel. 

1. The customer service is communicative and solvable
Surya Malang Travel has a standard Customer Service (CS) that can help to solve problems about travel or transportations or rent cars. Our customer service will always try to be communicative on answering your questions. While our customer service is always solvable on giving suggestions for your transportations.

2. Our drivers are friendly and kind
Only drivers that have much experience will handle all of your requirements as our good customers of Surya Malang Travel. We always give good quality drivers, so that you will be safe and enjoyable on your trips. By giving sociability from our drivers, they can be your friend on your trips.

3. Our drivers are always on time
Time is money, isn’t it? We have always heard about the famous motto. Right, time is a key of success in every business. One of the important thing is time. we have served some destinations, such as Malang-Yogyakarta, Malang-Tuban, Malang-Magelang, Malang-Bali, and rent car. Don’t worry about late, we have counted the departure time (Drivers and cars). So we have prepared before it.

4. The newest, clean, and fragrant cars
We have a program to make the transportation in the good condition. We apply a policy to refresh the cars and keep clean the cars. Because of it our cars are always clean and fragrant. We always use the newest cars. Its purpose is to make the customers enjoy the travel very much.

5. We have been tested and experienced
You are not the first. Surya Malang Travel has been since 2008 and often serves local and international customers. We give the good solutions for you based on our real experience and the previous customers.

While we are serving regular travels Juanda Malang and Surabaya Malang travel and Malang Surabaya, Surya Malang Travel also serves from airport to airport by using Carter Drop system. The drop system is system go and back from airports, it is more flexible than regular travel. This system gives the schedule flexibly based on the customers’ order. So that the customers will be comfortable without waiting another car.
Having much experience, believe your travel to Us
Well lovers, that is the information about travels. If you have problems about your travel, it can be your solutions. We also need your suggestions to make us be better. See you on the next new information.