Review the Information About Malang Indonesian

Noodle Inc - A Delicious Noodle in The Cold City Malang - Malang is as one of the famous special culinary such as Chicken Noodle Ravioli, of course it is not strange for citizen in Malang. There are some stalls and restaurants which make it to be their favorite menu, Noodle Ravioli or Ramen. Even thought, in Noodle Inc. the special beverage is different of other places, it can be Mie Tarik (pull noodle). It is located on Soekarno-Hatta Street DR 1-2 Malang. This location is in the center along Soekarno-Hatta Street. The first entering, we will be serviced a comfortable place. The service is good and makes the guests can stay long time there. Noodle Inc. set aside 2 kinds of main menu. They are noodle and Dim Sum. The noodle is very unique because it does not contain a preservative. It is made directly.

Why is it called Mie Tarik (Pull Noodle)? Based on the name, Mie Tarik is noodle which is made by pulling many times, finally it has been a noodle shape. More special, the pulling process is done directly in front of the buyers in the open area beside the kitchen. Besides interact the buyers’ attention, this way also makes the quality of noodle fresher. However, don’t be shocked! If you hear a hard sound when the noodle is being made because the caterers throw down forcefully. Yet, this way can make the noodle smooth and has a suitable texture for having taste.

Noodle Inc - A Delicious Noodle in The Cold City Malang

After pulling, then it will be boiled and given topping based on the order. There are some menus, such as beef Pull Noodle, Tofu chicken, Tendon, Ravioli, and Spicy sour. Moreover, the menus, there is also available sauce which can be mix the noodle, then becomes the taste more delicious.
The noodle is served by a big portion enough and the soup is fresh but crunch. By adding topping, and some vegetables such as mushroom, radish, and mustard green in the bowl. It makes the taste of Mie Tarik perfectly and make us eat the noodle continuously.

Besides Mie Tarik, Noodle Inc. also has kinds of menu such as Spicy noodle, kinds of Dim Sum, and some of rice menu. Besides, there are some drinks (ice and hot drinks). The price is expensive enough, for 1 portion of Spicy sour Mie Tarik is 20K, but it is suitable with the taste and quantity, the portion is big enough. The drink menu is available; the price is the cheapest 6K. A portion of Dim Sum is 10K. Based on my opinion, Noodle Inc. has been a new favorite place in Malang City. There are some visitors every day. It has been a famous place online and offline.

Well, that is the information about Mie Tarik Malang City, have you tried to taste the special noodle in Malang? Let’s come in Noodle Inc. Malang City while you can visit the newest tourism places in Malang and Batu. If you have some questions about Malang or Batu, will facilitate you. See you in the next information.