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Let’s Exploring the Top Spots of Nature Tourism in Batu Malang

Let’s Exploring the Top Spots of Nature Tourism in Batu Malang - Holidays will be more colorful and impressive by exploring some nature tourisms in Batu Malang East Java. There are many beautiful places which will be impressive memories. The view of nature tourism in Batu Malang is more awesome than another city in Indonesia. Besides they are separated completely in each area. All of them are interested to be explored. Going along the rivers, enjoy the fresh waterfalls, submerging in the hot bathing places, taking pictures in the flowering parks till the extreme tourism to enjoy the beautiful of Batu City from Paralayang sky, and enjoy some apples. Well, if you have ever toured to Batu Malang and enjoyed the places which we have mentioned above. No waste the time, you can also explore the alternative tourisms which show off the beautiful nature tourisms.

Well, we share some alternative tourisms. There are some top spot nature tourisms are recommended by

1. Rafting Tourism Kaliwatu Batu Malang

Rafting Tourism Kaliwatu Batu Malang

This sport is available for you who like to increase your adrenalin. This rafting tourism is on the flowing of Brantas river which the flowing is swift enough and many stones. It is enjoyable to be tried. The distance is about 7 km and need 2 hours, Kaliwatu rafting will be able to make your holidays so impressive. The location is easy to access, only 2 km from Batu town square or 5 minutes from there. Enjoying Brantas river’s flowing is various with friends or family, passing the interesting routes while see the beautiful mountain, how beautiful and sensational view is.

Address: Pandanrejo street 4, Bumiaji, Batu Malang, East Java
Contact: 0823 0144 3033
Open: 09.00 a.m. – 05.00 p.m.
Ticket: 100 K- 200 K

2. Coban Rais and Coban Rondo Batu Malang

Coban Rais and Coban Rondo Batu Malang

They are the most famous waterfalls (Coban) in Batu, Malang. Both of them are near place. Coban Rais is in Oro-Oro Ombo village. Its height has 70 meter, it is suitable to be visited with your friends, because you can camp in Bintang hill and enjoy the view in the night. if you plane to come here, you should prepare your energy and supplies enough because it is far from the main gate. 

Coban Rais Batu Malang

It is different of Coban Rondo, it is in Pandansari village and has 60-meter height. It is a part of high rise waterfalls in the mountain. At the same place, there are also Coban Manten and Coban Dudo which are in the high rising. But, Coban Rondo is the most famous of them, because it is the biggest waterfall and the access is strategic.

Address: Coban Rondo street, Pandansari village, Batu Malang, East Java.
Contact: (0341) 5025 147
Open: 09.00 a.m. – 05.00 p.m.
Ticket: 10 K – 15 K

3. Hot Bathing Cangar Batu Malang

Hot Bathing Cangar Batu Malang

This is a name of village and also a place for bathing, it is Tulungrejo village, Bumiaji, Batu City. Cangar is in the forest park R.Soeryo. There are some old caves beside there in Japan period 1942-1945. Cangar is also an alternative way to Mojokerto regency via Pacet. It is on 1000 meter from the sea. Cangar is a famous place which produce vegetables and apples. The wellspring is from Welirang mountain, a mountain that produce Sulphur. For arriving there, you can pass Batu city and will be presented the zig zag streets while looking the beautiful views. Then you can enjoy the warm water. Don’t forget to enjoy the special traditional food from Cangar, it is Tape Ketan.

Address: Tulungrejo, Bumiaji, Batu, Malang East Java
Open: 07:00 a.m. – 02:00 p.m.
Ticket: 15 K

4. Selecta Park Batu Malang

This nature object is legendary in Batu Malang. The popularity is not only in Malang or East Java, but it has been famous in local and foreign country. Selecta park has been in 1930 and built by a Dutch, his name is Ruyter de Wildt. It is on 1.100 mdpl. The air is very fresh and about 17 Celsius, it can make visitors staying long time there. One of destinations that is interested by visitors is Flower park Selecta. The flower park is divided to be 4 parts, they are recreation park, restaurant, hotel, and park. It also provides some recreation park, such as swimming pool, flower park, outbound, water park, fish swamp, flying fox, area jogging, race-horse, the giant aquarium etc.

Address: Selecta street No.1, Tulung Rejo, Bumiaji, Batu, Malang, East Java.
Call: (0341) 592 379
Open: 06.00 a.m. – 06.00 p.m. 
Ticket: 20 K- 30 K

5. Sumber Pitu Waterfall Batu Malang

Sumber Pitu Waterfall Batu Malang

The wellspring is from seven near points. The unique, the wellspring is on the mountain side and the water is coming out as the waterfall. The water debit can be 1.600 liter per second. The debit has much water that comes out, perhaps this wellspring is an underground river. The society believe that Sumber Pitu has relationship with Bromo mountain. This waterfall is often become as ritual by another society. There is an old tree in front of Sumber Pitu. It has been predicted that it has been the tenth years. The tree fell down and the root came out. This point is the best spot for taking pictures. The mixing of beauty, peace, and challenge in Sumber Pitu which attract some visitors. The height of them is 70 meters in forest. It is very exotic view.  

Address: Pujon Kidul village, Pujon, Malang, East Java
Call: 0813 3318 3380
Open: 24 hours
Ticket: 10 K – 15 K

6. Coban Putri Batu Malang

Coban Putri Batu Malang

This nature object destination is new in Batu, because the exotic view is not known yet by tourist. Besides the waterfall is fresh and beautiful, there is a booth for enjoying the nature view hills and valley in Batu city. How awesome it is!

Address: Oro-Oro Ombo village, Batu East Java 
Call: 081222562234
Open: 09.00 a.m. - 04.00 p.m. 
Ticket: 5,000 – 10,000 IDR

7. Pine Cave – Mountain Batu Malang

Pine Cave – Mountain Batu Malang

Do you want to enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful view and the interesting spot taking picture? It is in Pine Cave (Goa Pinus). You can selfie in some interesting spots or taking rest under the pine trees. 

8. Taman Langit - The Country Legend Batu Malang

Taman Langit - The Country Legend Batu Malang

when can you meet a lion that has wings, a giant goose that flaps the wings in the height Batu City? The Sky Garden (Taman Langit) offers all of the sensations.  By enjoying beautiful view and many interesting spots for taking pictures. It is suitable for you who want to stay calm with your family. 

Well, lovers. They can be your alternative ways for enjoying your holiday in Batu Malang. You will come again after you visit the nature tourisms in Batu. Don’t forget to invite your big family to enjoy them.