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Villa Tour in Batu Malang

Facing Villa in Batu Malang
Batu is the famous tourism place that is always visited by local and foreign tourist. Why? There are some reasons why Batu becomes the favorite and famous place for holiday destination. The first, Batu has beautiful spots and strategic tourism places. There are many favorite tourism places there, such as Jatim Park, Eco-green, Batu Night Spectacular etc. The second, the air is very fresh, it has been different of another places in Malang. while enjoying your holidays, you can waste your holidays full day in Batu. It will make your holidays unforgettable. Don’t worry if you want to enjoy your holidays for 3 days or one week in Batu. While supporting some famous tourism places, Batu also services some Villa Tour. There are some good Villa Tour in Batu Malang. 

Villa Tour Batu Malang also gives some good services and facilities, some various facilities are served for tourists, such as mountain panorama and the beautiful view of Batu city. There are some villas that give the facilities private swimming pool. Thus, the tourists can enjoy their time same as your own house. You can find these villas in Abdul Bawah and Abdul Gani Atas street. Villa tour Batu also give the special price. Thus, you can use your budget for another thing. One of them is Villa Pinus View. The capacity is till 10 persons; it is priced about 1 million. Well, we will give the explanation about the best villas in Batu. We chose 5 the best villas in Batu city.

1. Panderman Villa Batu City

There are choosing villas that are located Panderman Hill Batu City, the view is natural and beautiful. The building type is new and luxurious, the simple interior and minimalize design. It services 3 rooms. It consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 water heater bathrooms.  It looks a minimalize villa, but if you are indoor, you will feel in the luxurious house. You can bring 3 cars in the garage. The facilities are the large garage, free rooms for relaxing and watching TV, the large front and back yards. It capacities 12-13 persons. The rent charge is 1.750.000 IDR weekday and 2.250.000 IDR weekend. This location is strategy because it is near Jatim Park, Agrowisata, Batu Night Spectacular, Transportation Museum. 

2. Kusuma Agro 32 Villa Batu City

Kusuma Agro 32 Villa Batu City

Kusuma Agro 32 Villa Batu city capacities till 15 persons, it is located in Abdul Gani Atas street. It is also in Agrowisata tourism place area in Batu. It is also near of transportation museum tour object and Jatim Park Batu city and Batu town square. Kusuma Agro 32 Villa capacities maximum 15-20 persons, but if you are interested to rent for more than 20 persons. We suggest to rent additional villa which is in one complex such as Rose Villa and Yes Villa.

Kusuma Agro 32 Villa is designed exclusive, modern building. It was built in 2104. Moreover, it is supported by quiet, comfortable, and cool condition. Some facilities are available, such as 4 complete bedrooms, 3 water heater bathrooms, a dining room, TV, DVD, a complete kitchen, a garage (2 cars). The rent cost is 1.750.000 IDR/Night.

3. Kusuma Estate 2 Villa Batu City

Kusuma Estate 2 Villa Batu City

Kusuma Estate 2 Villa Batu city is located in one complex with Kusuma Estate 3 Villa. Kusuma Estate 2 Villa is near of Transportation museum Batu city, and you can walk to go there. Kusuma Estate 2 Villa is designed minimalist building, it has two floors. It’s capacity is 12 persons. The garage is for 2 standard cars. Don’t worry about the safety, it is available for 24 hours.

There are some facilities are served such as 3 bedrooms (double beds), 3 bathrooms (1water heater and 2 cold water), a living room, sofa, a dining room (TV LCD), a complete kitchen, a garage (2 cars). The rent cost is 1.500.000 IDR/night.

4. Yes Villa Batu City

Yes Villa Batu City

Yes villa was built in 2013 and it is located near of Agrowisata and Transportation museum. The Lot area is 140 sqft and the lot dimension is 20x30x40 ft. Yes villa is on the hill location and it has 2 floors. Thus, it presents amazing night views. The big interior can be placed till 20 persons. The location is near of Kusuma Agro Wisata villa, transportation museum, and Jatim Park Batu. Moreover, it needs only 5 minutes for going to Batu town square. The facilities are a swimming pool, bill yard, a hall, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 1 garage. The rent cost is 4.500.000 IDR/ Night.

5. Attaka Villa

It is categorized as the big size villa, because the capacity is till 25-30 persons. Attaka villa Batu city provides 10 rooms for you who are planning to waste your holidays in Batu with your families. Atta Villa is the best choice.
Attaka Villa

Attaka villa is located in Gondorejo street, Oro-oro ombo village, Batu city. It is near of some tourism places such as BNS, Jatim Park, and Transportation museum Batu city.

Attaka villa has large and big size building, including some facilities, such as 3 rooms that has 1 set of sofa and tables. The garage is large; it can be accessed by all type of cars. There are 10 bedrooms, 7 bedrooms are double bed type and 3 bedrooms are single bed type. There are 10 bedrooms (7 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms using bath up). It also gives a complete kitchen; it can help you for cooking in your spending night. The rent cost is 3.500.000 IDR/Night.

Those are some best villas in Batu city. Perhaps, it can be your option for enjoy your holidays in Batu City. Hopefully, your holidays will be unforgettable holidays with your family or your work partners.