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Staying in The Luxurious Hotel but Cheap in Royal Inn Hotel Malang

MeetMalang.Net - Hallo Travelers? Do you want to visit Malang? yes of course, Malang will not be bored to be explored. Is it right? There are many reasons and proofs that Malang is always fresh in each tourism places. Some travelers never enjoy their vacations only in few days. They will stay in Malang for some days, so it is the real traveler, isn’t it? Especially in Malang, it will be the main object destination for travelers. While enjoying the trips, they will stay some days in Malang. The travelers want to get a good and comfortable place for spending night on their holiday. They will consider about the cost and budget for their vacation in Malang. This case is easy to get, because Malang has had many hotels which are cheap to be chosen. One of them is Royal Inn hotel Malang.

Royal Inn hotel Malang has been built since 1992, it is located not far from Malang city. Royal Inn hotel Malang offers the approach by giving friendly smile and supporting for the professional management. It is for giving the good services for guests and also offers the cheap rent cost but the good quality.

Staying in The Luxurious Hotel but Cheap in Royal Inn Hotel Malang

The Location of Royal Inn hotel Malang

Royal Inn hotel Malang is a hotel which is categorized as the rose class hotel in Malang. it is located in the compact industry area or accurately in Tenaga Baru street 1/5 Blimbing, Malang, East Java. This location is very strategic and easy to access from Malang city. This hotel is in tourism places area, shopping centers, a railway station, and an airport. Some of public transportations also can be accessed from this hotel. For getting there, if you are from Surabaya or Arjosari bus station, turn left in the first way is Tenaga Baru street after cross road LA Sucipto street. The strategic place of Royal Inn hotel Malang

  • Close by Abdul Rahman airport
  • Close by Arjosari bus station
  • Close by Mendit tourism place
  • Close by Malang town square and shopping center (Araya Plaza)
  • Close by university (STIE Malangkucecwara and Widyagama University)

The Facilities of Royal Inn hotel Malang

Royal Inn hotel Malang is available about 25 complete guest rooms. If you come here with your families and bring your cars, don’t worry about it. There is a large parking area, thus the guests can park their cars easily. The situation is calm and comfortable enough for relaxing. Thus, the guests can be refresh and health after doing their vacations in Malang.

Rooms’ type of Royal Inn hotel Malang

This hotel serves many rooms by some type options. There are available 25 rooms which consist of standard, deluxe, and suite/VIP type. Each rooms are designed for giving good comfort and private service, so make the guests feel in their own house. For reservation and more information about Royal Inn hotel Malang, you can contact (0341) 49440. The rent cost:
Standar : Rp. 120.000
Deluxe  : Rp. 150.000
Suite     : Rp. 225.000
Note: the rent cost can change conditionally.

Well the real travelers, that is the information about  Royal Inn hotel Malang which has been the favourite hotel for travelers. Besides the location is very strategic and it is the cheap cost rent but the facilities are complete. Royal Inn hotel Malang is luxurious hotel but cheap. You can try to stay there; we think that it can be your option to be your choice for spending your night in Malang.