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Emma Hotel Malang is besides Malang Icon

Emma Hotel Malang is besides Malang Icon - Malang is one of east java city that always presents newer panorama, especially in tourism places. It is not strange for us, when we go to Malang and see some local tourists and foreign tourists there. It is a proof that Malang has become the first choosing place for holidays. One of the panorama are some beautiful mountains such as Bromo, Semeru, Panderman mountain etc. the first thing that should be considered is staying place in Malang. Emma hotel Malang can be the main priority for staying for tourists in Malang, because the cost is achievable, the facilities are complete, and the location is very strategic. 

The location of Emma hotel Malang

The location is very strategic and near some general facilities. Emma hotel is located on Trunojoyo street no. 21 Klojen, Malang city. It is near the train station of new city Malang. we only need 5 minutes on foot for getting there. Emma hotel is also near some popular objects in Malang, such as Tugu town square, Town hall of Malang city, Rampal field, Klojen market, bird market, and Splendid flower-market. There are some general facilities that are near Emma hotel, such as small shops, train station, the central of souvenir Malang, supermarket etc. It can help the tourists to buy their needs.

Emma Hotel Malang is besides Malang Icon

The facilities of Emma hotel Malang

As we discuss before, Emma hotel has complete facilities. The room is very clean, so it will make you comfort for staying there. The room has been renovated. So, the decoration will be interesting. The facilities of room are like TV, spring bed, AC, towel etc. The bathroom is completed by shower and sit toilet. Moreover, there is hot water facility, it is suitable in Malang weather. There is laundry and traditional massage for the guests who feel tired after touring full day. The rooms are divided by 4 categories, standard A, standard B, Superior, and Deluxe room. Each room has different facilities. So, the tourists can choose the rooms by themselves. The other facility is free Wi-Fi connection and additional extra bed for deluxe and superior room, but we should charge 70 K each person.

The rent expense of Emma hotel Malang

Emma hotel is same as the other hotels in Malang. Emma Hotel Malang serves some rooms and different rent expense. Based the information, the rent expense is about 100 K – 250 K /night. Unfortunately, it does not receive the booking via on line. The tourists should come in the hotel. The tourists can only hope that there is still free room for booked in the hotel. Based on the rent expense, Emma Hotel Malang can be categorized as the cheap hotel in Malang. The rooms are divided by 4 categories, standard A, standard B, Superior, and Deluxe room. the rent expense is the standard A room (150K/ night), the standard B room (175K/ night), the superior room (215K/ night), and the deluxe room (250K/ night). If you want to visit Malang and want to stay in Emma hotel Malang, you can reserve in the location.

Emma Hotel Malang

The contact number of Emma hotel Malang

If you are interested of travelling to Malang city in the short time and plan to spend night in Emma hotel Malang, you can call the contact of Emma Hotel Malang in (0341) 363 198 for more information about this hotel. We suggest that don’t go to travelling in the long holiday or national holidays so that free rooms will be available for rent.