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Visiting Sawahan Cafe Pujon Batu Malang East Java

Sawahan cafe van Java
Assalamualaikum wr wb lovers, kera-kera Ngalam (Malang society) who need some information about Great Malang, we have been in your side again for sharing some information about Great Malang.

Now, we will give the information about a tourism place in north of Malang, especially in Pujon, Batu. Haven’t you known a new exotic natural tourism place in Pujon?
Well, we will explain about a tourism place in Pujon, it is Sawahan cafe. Haven’t you known about this tourism place? if you have not known it, let us tell about this tourism place. 

Facing Sawahan Cafe ….

Sawahan café was a large field rice in Pujon. Due to their consciousness and creativity of society, the field rice was to plant rice plant, then they changed to be a good place. It has been an exotic cool tourism place.
This café is designed and made I the central of rice field, has tractive power for tourists because you feel the village situation. Thus, it is suitable for you who have been long time in Malang and want to feel the situation as in the village.
Visiting Sawahan Cafe Pujon Batu Malang East Java

By the length of natural panorama and facing Dorowati mountain, this café will be suitable for relaxing, not only enjoy the food but it’s natural panorama which can be the background for taking pictures.
It serves food menu, of course it has the own taste especially village taste; corn rice to be your special food.

Wow… very delicious.
By the way, if you do not know the route of Sawahan café yet. Next, we will share the route to sawahan cafe pujon tourism place.

Here, the route to Sawahan cafe Pujon:

The Route to Sawahan Café Pujon Batu Malang East Java

The route to Sawahan café is Batu-Kediri route. So if you go from Batu town square, you should find the route to Batu-Kediri. After that, you will meet some tourism places, such as Payung area, called the place for coffee drink in Batu.

Then, you will meet Coban Rondo tourism place, then you ask to persons about Pujon Kidul. If you are in Pujon Kidul, you ask again to them about Sawahan café.

If you follow our advice, guaranteed there is not a getting lost on the way. Except, you are shy to ask them. Surely, you will get lost on the street, as the aphorism said  “shy to ask, getting lost the way” hehehehe…

Before coming here, you should know the ticket price. Because many tourists think that Sawahan café is a café not a tourism place. It is a big false because you should buy the ticket before entering the tourism place.
Talking about the ticket price will be discussed below.

The Ticket Price of Sawahan Café Van Java

All of you who want to travel and enjoy the natural panorama in Sawahan Café Van Java. We will share the information about the ticket price.

Hehehe… you only pay for parking guys. We believe that you have understood it, haven’t you? how much? The ticket for parking is only Rp. 2000/ motor cycle. Thus, it is very cheap, isn’t it, Guys? You can enjoy the panorama by paying only Rp. 2000.

Well, you have known about the ticket price. You should also know about the facilities in sawahan cafe pujon batu Malang.

The Tourism Facility

Well, lovers who want to travel in Malang, don’t worry about it. Because you will be given complete facilities in this Sawahan café. There are Musholla, WC, Wi-Fi, rest area, and telolet (ups), toilet we mean… hehehe

Well, don’t worry about your prays, because if you hear adzan, you can pray there. How nice it is, you fell the situation you pray in central of rice field. It will be different of usual. Such as there is sweet taste… hehehe

Certainly, it will be your unforgettable experience. Moreover, you invite your family. It will be excellent, fantastic moment. Guaranteed, your family will always remember about Sawahan café. Then your family will love you very much.

Moreover, you invite your dear or soulmate etc. the romantic travelling will grow softly, the love will overflow softly such as water and feel the romantic in the central of rice field.

That’s all our information about a tourism place Sawahan Café  Pujon Batu Malang  East Java. If you have ever gone there. Don’t forget to upload your photos in the comments.