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How to Make a Residence Identification Card in Malang Without a Ticket Scalper?

For citizen in Malang, now You do not worry about making a residence identification Card. You do not need time for going to the city for making a residence identification Card. Department of population Malang is holding an auction e-KTP printer for sub district in Malang. This case is very useful for citizen who live far away from Department of population Malang, which is in Kepanjen Malang.

By coming this device, it can be very useful for them who will make a residence identification card. The procedure is they have had e-KTP record, they can print in each of sub districts. The do not go to Department of population Malang. Moreover, the distance of sub district is different to Kepanjen.
The government also proposes a ready printer in every sub district. This case is done for making easy to print efficiently. They are not in the long queue. This suggestion is proposed in RAPBD 2016 Malang. This same case is also done; they will propose to Ministry of Domestic Affair. Next, the printer must be identified or verified by Ministry of Domestic Affair.

How to Make a Residence Identification Card in Malang Without a Ticket Scalper

For example, the printer may not move to another sub districts. So that, it must be in the receiver in each sub districts. The printing of family card can be printed by online that has been in Department of population Malang.

The Rules and Regulation for Making a new Residence Identification Card

The Rules and Regulation:

1. 17 years old or married
2. The recommendation letter of administrative unit and the village chief
3. Photocopies:
  • Family card
  • The birth document
  • The certificate of marriage, for persons are not in 17 years old.
4. The certificate of coming abroad that is created by Department of population, for citizen of Indonesian who come from abroad because of moving.
5. The supporting another documents.

These regulations are available for citizen of Indonesian. For foreign citizen will get the different regulations. By these regulations, the citizen has been able to know the rules for making a residence identification Card. Remember, making a residence identification Card should be the citizen who are in 17 years old minimally. So that, the citizen is not in 17 years old yet, they cannot follow the process of making a residence identification Card.