Review the Information About Malang Indonesian


Assalamualaikum, How are you? wish all of you are in the good condition. Well Guys, for the adventure lovers, especially in Great Malang, we will give an information about the nature tourism place that is excellent and is not explored yet. Exactly, it is in Bantur Malang or South of Malang.
Perhaps, you have known it from your friends where Bantur is. Right, it is south of line track which has been viral till the world. Besides beaches, Bantur is also well-known about some water falls which to be the mainstay of tourism places. One of them is Coban Kedung Malang that has been axis nowadays. Surely, you like the watering tourism places.

Banturono (Mbah Bantur/grandfather Bantur)

Well, before arriving the place. It will be better; we introduce about Bantur City. Some people called Bantur as Ngalam Rutnab. Bantur is a small village that is in South of Malang. Exactly, it is near from JLS (Jalur Lintas Selatan). Bantur is a large sub district enough. It consists of 9 villages and the biggest product of sugar can in South Malang, so the people are always sweet.

Well, let’s discuss about Bantur…
Bantur was established in 1830, at the time Bantur was a forest that was unnamed. The hero who opened the forest is Kyai Radiman, moslem and an army. The resting place of Kyai Radiman is in Kyai Radiman street, the area is in Central Bantur (North of Market). Bantur itself comes from Banturono (Mbah Bantur), the son of Kyai Radiman or the elder head. The majority of society is the generation of Java and Madurese or mix.


The unique one of Bantur is to have the territory, west (Pagak and Donomulyo), North (Gondanglegi/ Gondang sweet), East (Gedangan/ Banana City), and South (Indonesia ocean, or Australia). How cool it is, it is near abroad.

So that, some of people are TKW ups…, it is little information about Bantur city. Next, let’s talk about Coban Kedung Malang. Continued reading about COBAN KEDUNG BANTUR SOUTH MALANG EAST JAVA

Coban Kedung Malang

Well, Guys, the adventure lovers especially in South Malang, not only the beach of tourism places in South Malang, such as Water falls (Coban), and the others. Now, we will explain about Coban Kedung Malang that is Bantur, exactly in Etan Sawah village.

Facing Coban Kedung Malang 

Caban Kedung Malang is the collaboration between a nature water fall and Kedung (a small river), thus some people called Kedung water fall Malang. This height of water fall is about 20 meters and there is a small river under it.

So, if you cannot swim, don’t swim because the depth is very deep. Coban Kedung Malang has a shape which is different of the other waterfalls. The watercourse is wide and the discharge is not too swift. It looks like the water climb the mountain side, it can be imagined, how the water can climb.

This Kedung Malang waterfall is also surrounded by the other some small waterfalls and have milestone formation as a cave on west or left of the waterfall. The sound of water and cold make the tourists want to play and swim in the water. Don’t try to jump if you cannot swim well, because the river is too deep. But it is so amazing guys… COBAN KEDUNG BANTUR SOUTH MALANG EAST JAVA

The Ticket Cost

For entering Coban Kedung Malang, you do not worry, it does not collect the ticket cost. You just pay the park cost for your transportations about 3K, too cheap, isn’t it? Without throwing your much pocket money.

The Route to Coban Kedung Malang 

Travelling route to Coban Kedung Malang. It is started from Malang city to Bululawang, then Gondanglegi next to Pagelaran, and the last is Bantur. It is very easy, if you follow JLS (Jalur Lintas Selatan) that is in Bantur. After arriving there, ask to people “Pasar Klopo” or “Etan Sawah”, you will get the information and don’t forget to ask  Coban Kedung Malang.

The location of Coban Kedung Malang is from Bantur about 15 minutes, you will arrive in the park area. Then, you walk down steeply mountain side. Remember, your body should be fit. From parking area, you will walk down a valley, and go back by hiking the mountain side such as Hatori ...hehehe. Be carefu, if you have asphyxia and cramps, you should play safe. Don’t let your friend carrying you...hehehe
It is about 30 minutes for walking down the valley and trace the river, then arriving the face of Kedung Malang waterfall.

Subhanallah, I am speechless Guys. Mainly, after looking Kedung Mlang waterfall, your tired will go anywhere, your tired will be paid by the exotic panorama. You can play water satisfied but don’t be careless. You should be careful.

Have trying…well lovers, that’s all our information about Coban Kedung Malang.
Wish be useful and have nice travelling while you are still young…Hehehe
Wassalamualaikum wr.wb