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China Beach Tourism Place China Cave Beach

China Beach Tourism Place China Cave Beach - Hay lovers?
Spirit in the morning Guys, we come back for you who want to know some tourism places in Malang. Well, we will be always ready to help you who get some difficulties for finding some tourism places in your holidays. Well, we come by sharing a new article. Have you known about China tourism place in Malang? Hmhm… we think that you heard just now, didn’t you? Actually, where is it? Hehehe… be patient please, we will share about it completely. The name is very unique, right? You heard it just now, right?
China tourism place is a beach tourism place, especially China cave. Oh… that is China tourism place … Hehehe what do you think Guys? Hehehe, so we called it as China tourism place. Let it be cool and you feel comforted.

The next explanation is about China cave beach, as follow: the location of China cave beach, the information about China cave beach, the route of China cave beach, the ticket price of China cave beach, and some tips holiday by version.

The information about China cave beach

China Cave Beach is a mysterious tourism place but the panorama is as beautiful as a heaven in the world. It is important information that the original name of it is not China Cave. Why? Because the original name is Rowo Indah beach.

China Beach Tourism Place China Cave Beach

In the previous times, there was a mysterious incident, based on the information that there was a death of man who were from China in the cave. The Chinese man was mediating in the cave. Because of it, this beach is called China Cave Beach.

The next is read more.

The Location of China Cave Beach

Well, the location of China Cave beach is in Tumpak Awu, Sitiarjo village, Sumber Manjing Wetan or SUMAWE Malang. That is the location of China Cave beach, Guys. If you ever travel to some beach in SUMAWE such as Bajul Mati, Sendang Biru, and 3 warna beach. Thus, tou just ask to some persons there. For the route to China cave beach, we will explain below:

The Route of China Cave Beach

For the route to this tourism place, you do not worry about getting lost way. Because the access way is very easy, as we told before that the location is next to some beaches in Malang.

For the route, it is almost same as the route of another beaches. The difference is only the village.   If you go from Malang town square – Gadang – Bululawang – Turen – SUMAWE (Sumber Manjing Wetan) – Sitiarjo village – China Cave Beach. After knowing the route, next you should know about the ticket price. Because it is very important when you wanted to travel here. If you do not know it, you cannot enter the place. You cannot enjoy the beautiful panorama there.
Thus, we suggest to read more, Guys..,

The Ticket Price of China Cave Beach

Talking about the ticket price, you want the cheaper ticket price, right? same as us... be relax Guys. The ticket is very cheap Guys.

Who knows? How much? Right, the ticket is only Rp. 5.000 till Rp. 10.000 Guys, you have been able to enjoy the special panorama. If you have a transportation, you should pay Rp. 5.000 for parking cost.
It is cheap, isn’t it? Yup…totally cheaper Guys. You will not sell your car for entering here, hehehe…

The Excess of China Cave Beach

Well, besides you know about the ticket price, you must know what is the excess of this tourism place. Yup... read more, please.

Here some excesses of China Cave Beach Malang;

1. Looking the beautiful big wave
Well, the wave is very big here Guys. Because this area is the south sea where the wave is very big.
Right, if you like swimming, we suggest that you should be more careful. Because the safe is more important than others.

2. Enjoying the sunset
Surely, you will feel the special and exotic panorama because here serves you for enjoying sunset. For you who have married just now or having honey moon. We suggest you can try to enjoy this tourism place although once than you should go to Bali. You will need much money. It is better you travel here… hehehe

3. Camping or spending night
Well Guys, it becomes the excess of this tourism place. Sometimes, the management forbid the tourist to camp in the beach. Perhaps, the reason is the safe. But, you can camp here so that you can enjoy the beautiful night while listening the sound of wave.
The important thing is you can camp here. Because it has been a place for camping. Sometimes the university students who hold orientation events.

4. The cheaper ticket
Surely, the ticket is very cheaper that has become the excess of this tourism place. Wish the management does not increase the ticket price. Thus, we can enjoy the beautiful panorama with the thin wallet. Hehehehe

Those are some information that we can share to you about China Cave Tourism Beach. If you feel happy and satisfied with our information, please give the comments. Moreover, you can give suggestions or feedbacks. Besides, if you want to travel here but you are afraid of getting lost way. we are ready to be a tour guide for you joyfully.

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