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Amazing! The destination of 3 Color Beach Malang

Amazing! The destination of 3 warna beach Malang -  Hay lovers.
Well, we will share something that you have not understood yet. What is that?
Yup... the unique and super beautiful tourism place. Wanna to know? Don’t be KEPO please…! Just kidding lovers.

Let’s discuss together one by one about The destination of 3 warna beach Malang. Wow…3 colors? Right! This beach has the unique and super beautiful scenery. The unique is on the water. The water has 3 colors. Ehm… wanna to travel here? We have been there, Guys. We share this information; it means that we have ever gone there. Let’s continue to read about The destination of 3 warna beach Malang.

Just Information!

Actually, this beach is a rehabilitee and Mangrove conservation beach. Do you know Mangrove? That is plants in beach side. Besides Mangrove, there are a ride of rocks rehabilitation and a village protect forest. Imagine, how beautiful it is.

Amazing! The destination of 3 Color Beach Malang

The beautiful coral reefs become a special characteristic and unique itself. Moreover, the unique water color has 3 colors; red, blue, and yellow. This beach has 3 colors because there is difference deep. It causes the unique water. Do you know? it has been opened and legal as the general tourism place since 2014. So, it is still a new tourism place in Malang.

The Location of 3 warna Beach Malang

So It is still a new tourism place, isn’t it? It is located in Tambak Rejo village, Sumber Manjing Wetan, Malang, East Java. It’s location is besides another beaches. Lovers? Do you know Goa China beach? Or Sendang Biru beach? If you have known about them, it is not far from them. Thus, we suggest you can visit another beaches too.

The Route to The destination of 3 warna beach Malang.

Shy to ask? Ask to We will give the route to The destination of 3 color beach Malang. This information for you who do not know the way yet. Here the route to The destination of 3 warna beach Malang. God willing, if you follow this route, you will be safe and enjoyable. Hehehe…

The route is from Malang town square- Gadang- Bululawang- Turen- SUMAWE (Sumber Manjing Wetan) – Tambak Rejo village- 3 warna beach Malang. If you pass it, we believe that you will not be in the wrong way.

The Ticket for Entering 3 Warna Beach Malang. 

Can you guess how much the ticket? Hmhmhm… so it will be a think? Let’s read more!
Well, for the ticket has own price. Because this place is managed by the government there. Automatically, when it has been managed, it needs cost for managing. However, it has the own ticket for entering, don’t worry guys. Because the ticket is very cheap, you just need Rp. 6000/ person. What? Rp. 6000, yes, only six thousand. So cheap, isn’t it? Right, because some of tourism places are cheaper in Malang. Remember and attention, there are some rules in The destination of 3 warna beach Malang.

Guys, if the tourism places are managed by the government, they will have some rules. These rules are obligated to do. if you break the rules, you cannot enter the place.
Here, the rules that should be obligated by travelers in 3 warna beach:

1. The visitors may not be more than 100 visitors

How amazing it is..can you imagine that you have been on the long way for going to the beach. Eits... when you have arrived there, but the capacity is only for 100 persons. How pity you are…
Although there is a rule, it is very useful for making this tourism place is not too crowded and it can be kept naturally. Thus, we suggest you for booking in days before going holiday. You can contact us as the guide for guiding all of you.

2. The visitors should use the tour guide service

As I said before, looking a unique panorama, you should hike the hills. So, you should be able to book a tour guide. But, don’t worry, we can be your partner in your travelling. Guaranteed, we are the professional guide…you can try.

3. The visitors should keep clean

Hem. More rules again..OMG! as what I said before. You must hike the hill then go down to the land. So, you will pay 10 k for planting a mangrove tree. Is it cool? We think it is no problem. It is for keeping our nature and you can also get the usefulness what you have planted.

4. The visitors may not come on Thursday

What? Don’t visit on Thursday? It is very a strange tourism place. Since 2015, the manager has decided the holiday on Thursday. Maybe it needs rest time. So, we suggest that if you want to travel there, don’t go on Thursday. It will be closed.

5. The visiting duration

What. So many rules here. Yups, it is a unique tourism place, normally it has some rules. Thus, it can be kept the environment. So, if you travel here, you will be there for 2 hours. There is no additional time. Because of it, you can manage your time efficiently.

6. Getting penalty/fine if throwing rubbish

What I have explained before that it is kept the nature completely. If you are gotten for throwing the rubbish, you will get a penalty/fine. The fine is just 10 K each thing which you have thrown there.

7. Do not camp! 

It is forbidden for camp. The visiting duration is only 2 hours. Moreover, you want to camp that need long time. it is forbidden clearly. Why? Because this place is a nature conservation.
That is way, have you understood the reasons why it has many rules.

The tips of visiting 3 Warna Beach Malang. 

1. Set the schedule early
2. Bring the camera or handy-camp
3. Prepare the plastic
4. Training your health
5. Saving

Thus, those are some tips or advices from us for you who want to visit to The destination of 3 warna beach Malang. We pray wish your holidays run well, as you want…. Amin.
That’s all our information that we can share about 3 Warna beach. If you need more information, you can give some comments below. Wish we are ready to serve.