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Wow, Obviously Unisma makes people……

Wow, Obviously Unisma makes people …... Unisma is one of Islamic private university in Malang. Unisma is long from Islamic university of Malang. This university is in Mayjen Haryono street 193 Malang city, East java.

Who knows the story of established UNISMA?
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The history of Unisma Malang

Unisma or Islamic university of Malang is a campus that is established by some patriot society, religious people (ulama’), Muslim intellectuals from Nahdhatul Ulama in Malang city, that hope a big and quality university.

Campu Unisma Malang

Few years ago, it was established as Tarbiyah Watta’lim faculty undertaker UNU (Nahdhatul Ulama’ University). It was decided  by a certificate of religion ministry of Indonesia No: 16/1963 January, 12 1963. Where at the time, the students graduated as the young scholar of UNU Malang. It was legal based on the certificate of religion ministry of Indonesia.

Then, the name UNU Malang was changed to be Unsuri of East Java in 1971, and the office center was in Surabaya, but there were some faculties in Malang.

Changing UNU Malang to be Unsuri of East Java, this university has developed and built some faculties, such as: Tarbiyah, Agriculture, Law, and sociology faculty.

In 1981, especially 27th of March, establishing Sunan Giri institute. By the time, some moslem intellectuals from NU decided to unite Unsuri of East java and Institue of Sunan Giri Malang and given the name UNISMA.

Where since October, 07 1983, UNISMA got a legal letter/certificate from the ministry of education and culture Indonesia No: 0425/1983. There were some faculties in UNISMA at the time such as Law, agriculture, animal husbandry, Education and teacher training, and administration faculty. Thus, that was the story of Islamic university of Malang that we have known.

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The Progression and Development UNISMA Nowadays 

UNISMA has developed well, where in the previous time, UNISMA only focused in education. Nowadays, UNISMA has developed out of education. The real proof is faculty of medicine. How fantastic it is.  Wow, Obviously Unisma makes people …...

Some Faculties in UNISMA:

  • Faculty of Economic
  • Faculty of Islamic 
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Administration  
  • Faculty of Medicine  
  • Faculty of Education and teacher training 
  • Faculty of Science/MIPA 
  • Faculty of Agriculture 
  • Faculty of Animal husbandry 
  • Faculty of Technique  
  • Faculty of Graduate Program
  • Faculty of Polytechnic 

Those are the faculties in UNISMA… so what are you waiting for? You want to study? Let’s study in UNISMA, the background is NU (Nahdlatul Ulama’).
Besides the information, there is more important information about the leadership structure of UNISMA.

Wow, Obviously Unisma makes people……

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The structure of leadership UNISMA
Rector : Prof. Dr. H. Maskuri, M.Si
Vice Rector I : Prof. Drs. H. Junaidi, M.Pd., Ph.D
Vice Rector II : Noor Shodiq Akandar, SE., MM
Vice Rector III : Dr. Ir. H. Badat Muwakhid, MP

Hmhm…. So fantastic, is it? Looking the titles, so amazing. We guarantee if you study here is a right decision. If you study here, you should remember those names, if you can’t… no problem. But we feel so sad, if you study, then you do not know the names of leaders. Hehehe… so let’s memorize now!

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