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Wow! Bali Beach Moves on to Malang Balekambang

Wow! Bali Beach Moves on to Malang Balekambang - Hay lovers? Once and for all, we will share an information about a beach in Bali which Bali Beach Moves on to Malang (Balekambang). What? Moves on to Malang? Are you serious? Hehehe …… Let’s continue reading. The fact shows that it does not moves on to Malang, but there is a resemble beach as the beach in Bali. Well, do you know Balekambang, don’t you? Right, Balekambang beach. If you do not understand yet, we will share the Balekambang beach.

What’s the resemble part?
Let’s read more!

Bali Beach Move on to Malang Balekambang

This is Balekambang beach!

Balekambang is a beach tourism which is in the south Malang, accurately in Sigonco village, Bantur-Malang East Java. The distance between Balekambang and Malang city is far enough. It is about 67 km, there is not a public transportation yet for going to Balekambang. Thus, you should go by motor cycles or you can rent a motor cycle servicer or travel.

You can pass the route Malang city, Gadang, Bululawang, Gondanglegi then pass Bantur next Balekambang. Talking about the ticket, you only need 15 k to enther the beach, so cheap, isn’t it? It is better than going to Bali. Right?

What is Balekambang called Bali Beach Moves on to Malang (Balekambang)? Because you can see the Balinese temple (Fund) there, as in Tanah Lot Bali. So, you can see Tanah Lot East Java version or Malangan (Malang style).

Beach Malang Balekambang

Except Tanah Lot, you can also do a religious travel. Because you can visit a scare place of Syekh Abdul Jalil’s grave. Syekh Abdul Jalil is a figure who established Balekambang territory.
This tourism place is often visited by travelers. Balekambang beach has been a famous tourism place. The travelers are not only local tourist, even international tourists.

If you go to the beach, we guarantee that you will feel as you are in Tanah Lot beach Bali. Unforgettable, you will enjoy the rustling of waves which flings coral stones in the sea.

Sometimes, Balekambang is become a camp. However, if you do not want to be tired to build the tents for spending night. you can stay in Bamboo inn. There are 8 rooms for 200K a day.


This tourism place is appropriate and suitable for all of you who want to trough your tired and rest while looking the blue fresh water in the sea. Thus, your weight thinks can be cleaned by the waves. Hehehe…

Wow! Bali Beach Move on to Malang Balekambang

How? Have you a planning for going to Balekambang beach? Decide the schedule from now on!

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