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The Precise Selection Majors in The Orange Campus (UNIKAMA)

The precise choosing majors in the orange campus (unikama). Have you graduated from senior high school or vacational high school? Confused to get your new study? Which campus is comfortable and joyful as the place for studying. Well, lovers, we share about a campus in Malang which is famous by The multiculture university or The orange campus. What is that? Can you guess it? University of Kanjuruhan Malang or The orange campus or Unikama.

The Orange Campus (UNIKAMA)

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University of Kanjuruhan Malang is a private university in Malang, exactly in Sukun Malang city. A few years ago, it’s names were STIBA (Foreigner High School) and IKIP PGRI Malang that is undertaker by PPLP PT PGRI (Perkumpulan Pembina Lembaga Pendidikan Perguruan Tinggi PGRI).

Precise Selection Majors in The Orange Campus (UNIKAMA)

The founder of University of Kanjuruhan Malang is Abdul Rajab. He is a figure in PGRI (Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia) who wants to increase the education in Indonesia, exactly in East Java province. In addition, there were some pioneers to establish Unikama. They are Drs. H. Soenarto Dd., S.H., M.Si., Drs. H. Moch. Amir Soetedjo, S.H, M.Pd., and Dr. Hadi Sriwiyana, M.M. The result shows that University of Kanjuruhan Malang as already seen.

For long time, Unikama has developed in some aspects, therefore Unikama can compete with another university. Unikama becomes a countable university in Malang. It’s motto is “Brilliant Bright Future”. It makes Unikama axis and developed.

Nowadays, the rector is Dr. Pieter Sehartian. M, Si. Unikama has gotten the change in his leadership, such as the efficient facilities, developing buildings, and the achievement that is gotten by the students.  Do you want to know the majors in Unikama?
Orange Campus (UNIKAMA)

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What majors are in Unikama?
Before know the majors in Unikama, you should know the faculties there, the faculties are in Unikama:
  • Teacher and Training education faculty
  • Language and literature faculty
  • Science and technology faculty
  • Economy and business faculty
  • Law faculty
  • Animal husbandry faculty 

Well, you have understood the faculties. Then we share the majors or departments in Unikama based on the faculty:

Teacher and training education:
Geography education, Guidance and Counselling, Civic, Play group, and Elementary school

Language and literature faculty:
Indonesia literature, English Department, English literature, Japanese literature.

Science and technology faculty:
Physic education, Math education, system and information, and Technique and information.

Economy and Business faculty:
Economic education, accountancy, and Management.

Law faculty:
Law department

Animal husbandry faculty:
Animal husbandry.

The Precise Selection Majors in The Orange Campus (UNIKAMA)

Those are some departments or majors in Unikam. If you want to choose Unikama as your place to study. It is the precise selection majors in Unikama. Do you interesting to study here?

Nowadays, Unikama has vision to increase and develop the university compete with another state universities. Optimistically, create a new program is students can get two titles or twinning program. Moreover, we suggest you study there because of The precise choosing majors in the orange campus (unikama). Well, see you lovers.