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The only One Airport in Malang Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport

Hay lovers? Some days before we have told about some tourist places in Malang. Now, we will still tell about Malang, but it is not a tourism place, it is about the airport in Malang.
Well, the only one airport in Malang is Abdul Rahman Saleh airport. It belongs to TNI (Indonesia Army). Based on the developing era, the naval base is become an airport.
For more information about the naval base or airport, how well you are if you read this explanation about Abdul Rahman Saleh airport.

The History of Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport

Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport is a Bugis naval base (Lanud) that is built by Dutch government in 1937-1940. So, the previous name of Naval base is not ba but Bugis navy base that was established by Dutch government.

Nevertheless, there is a unique thing from this airport, it is surrounded by some volcanoes. Such as Bromo mountain in the east, Semeru and Arjuno mountain in the north, Kawi and Panderman mountain in the west. Therefore, Dutch government built this airport in the strategic area.
Why? Because of the condition, when we look it, it cannot be looked clearly. There is always haze that cover it.

So, if there are enemies pass it or airline, the airport will not be seen clearly. Therefore, the military attack from beneath.

On August 17, 1952 by Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Saleh’s struggle that wants to try develop AURI (Navy). Established that Bugis navy base’s name was changed to be Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport.

Why Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport? Because he is a patriot who joined to attack Dutch army. Therefore, the name of airport became Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport. So, that is the story about Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport, why it was named Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport. After you know about it’s story, you should know about the profile.

The progressive nation is a nation that can appreciate the patriot’s struggle and services. It is an obligation for you to know the story. Don’t stay to enjoy the glamour and comfort now.

why? Without struggles our patriots, we will not enjoy the life full of freedom now. Thus, without forgetting the patriots’ services is an appreciation and pride of nationalism. To be continue for reading. Let’s read more….

The Profile of Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport  

The Profile of Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport, this airport is not large, but it accesses flights Malang to Jakarta, Malang to Denpasar (Bali), Malang to Balikpapan, Malang to Banjarmasin, Malang to Makassar, and Malang to Surabaya. The other hand, it has some sufficient, simply facilities enough. Because it’s size is not too large. It is different of Airport in Surabaya, that is famous and larger.

This airport has 2 stairs; the first floor is used as check in room passengers. The second floor is used as waiting room passengers. Each floor has own facilities. The room is beside the waiting room that has a Musholla, a special waiting room, water closet (WC), and ATM. There are some small shops in the second floor. Then, you can pay attention to the location of Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport.

The Location of Abdul Rahman Saleh

Well, if you want to go and use this airport as a landing place. We will give the location of Abdul Rahman Saleh airport. It’s location is in Pakis sub district, Malang East java. It is very easy to get by transportation. There are many public transportations that service to the airport. So, if you want to go to the airport can use the public transportations that are prepared by government of Malang city. Although the location is in Malang regency, it is still become favorite for Malang city.  Next, we will give the information about the line/route to the airport.
The route to Abdul Rahman Saleh airport.

For you who want to go to the airport, and do not know the route. We will share the route to the airport. Here, if you are in Malang city or Malang town square. You can pass these streets: Muharto street- Ki Ageng Gribig street- Sekarpuro Raya street- Ampel Dento street- Pakis Raya street- Abdul Rahman Saleh airport. Well, those are ways that can become poles. If you follow those routes, you will be there.

If your flight is a civil flight, this airport can serve Malang-Jakarta route which uses Sriwijaya Air, Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air, and Citilink Indonesia planes. If you want to go to Denpasar (Bali), you can use Wings Air, and Lion Air planes. Therefore, you can use one of them, because Wings Air is the branch of Lion Air. If you want to fly to Balikpapan, you can book first to Kal Star Aviation.

The flight description as follow:

  1. Garuda Indonesia serves flights to Banyuwangi, Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta), and Yogyakarta.
  2. Batik Air serves a flight to Jakarta (Halim Perdanakusuma)
  3. Citilink serves a flight to Jakarta (Halim Perdanakusuma)
  4. Sriwijaya Air serves flights to Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta) and Yogyakarta.
  5. Wings Air serve flights to Banyuwangi, Denpasar and Yogyakarta.
Those are some information about the flights that we can explain. Any questions? If there is an unclear information, you can give comments in the table below.
Those are some information about Bugis navy base, now it becomes Abdul Rahman Saleh airport. Of course, you have understood too, why happened changing it’s name.

That’s all from us to share some information. More and less really sorry, if this article is useful for you, please share to others.

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