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The Exotic Exploration of Traditional Busu village in Malang

MeetMalang.Net – Who ever knows Busu village? Perhaps, Some of us do not know it yet, because it is not famous. But, Do you know that Busu village has kept something which is suitable to know and visited together.

The exploration of Busu village is a village located in the corner of Busu village in Malang regency, exactly in Jabung subdistric, Slamparejo village. It has a beautiful and an interesting place to be visited, it called “Cino hill. From here, we can see a beautiful panorama from on the top hill.

The citizen still uses traditional methods to do their activity. Such as crushing the coffee in the rice jar etc. Therefore, the traditional is still original as ancient time. This village has a reading hut Tretek village (Gubuk Baca Kampung Tretek). This reading hut is built by the young generation of Busu who gather in PAB community (Paguyuban Arek Busu). They are like perspectives and missions of Reading Hut that want to alive the traditional games which has been forgotten such as stilts game (Egrang), spinner (Gasing) etc. We also enjoy pure milk, because some of people here work as farmers and take dairy cows. They are cows that produce milk in the morning and afternoon. Nothing else, let’s visit Busu village.

Once again, more interesting is Grebek Desa (Carnival Village) and all of people go around the village by bringing a super huge tumpeng (Java) ceremonial dish of yellow rice served in a cone shape) that has been created based on the tradition. They pray by Ujub Kolosal (praying by using soft Javanese language). Here, we will feel the beautiful village and peaceful with it’s harmoniously. There are still many stories in Busu village. Are you anxious? Let’s visit Busu village (traditional village). Send the best regard for Komunitas Sak Jabung (One be Jabung)