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Sumber Sirah is A Cheaper Tourism Place in Gondanglegi Malang, East Java

Sumber Sirah tourism place Gondanglegi Malang, East Java - Hay, lovers, how are you? who wants to travel every week? Refreshing your think in your business. Who wants? Moreover, free pass? No ticket. Who wants? Hem... probably where is the location? Let’s read more!

Who wants to play a snorkeling? We believe that some of you want to enjoy the underwater panorama. For all of you who want to enjoy an underwater tourism place, we give an information about a good snorkeling place in Malang, it is Sumber Sirah. Sumber Sirah? Is it a beach? No, it is not Guys. It is not a beach. It’s name is Sumber, not a beach…. Hehehe. Then, actually what is Sumber Sirah? Why can we play a snorkeling? Yup... so not only a beach can give a place for playing a snorkeling, but Sumber Sirah can also give a place for playing a snorkeling for you. Don’t worry about the panorama, because you can play a snorkeling between the beautiful water grass or algae that has kinds of water fauna.

Sumber Sirah is A Cheaper Tourism Place in Gondanglegi Malang, East Java

Isn’t the well’s water muddy, it is? The water is very clean in Sumber Sirah and has marine plants (Algae) which you can see inside the water. Yup... so impressive, isn’t it? We believe that you will be addicted to go to there. 

If you want to visit Sumber Sirah, you can come in Sumber Jaya village, Gondanglegi Malang. On the other hand, it also gives an exotic panorama. This tourism place is free charge. It is very suitable for you who want to travel but no money. Here, you can swim by using a balloon tire. The price is three thousand for adults and two thousand for children. How lovers? Stable enough, isn’t it?

Sumber Sirah is A Cheaper Tourism Place in Gondanglegi Malang

Then, you should know, if you come here, please prepare all of the equipment from your house, such as swim suit, swim glasses, and snorkeler. Thus, you can enjoy your travelling in Sumber Sirah very much.  Attention, if you cannot swim well, you can rent a balloon tire. Because Sumber Sirah is very deep.

Guys, the route is very easy for going there. If you go from Malang town square, go straight to Bululawang then you will see Ar-Rifa’i Modern Islamic Boarding School. Then, you will see an information board.

Sumber Sirah is A Cheaper Tourism Place in Gondanglegi

Malang is always axis for offering the exotic tourism places, from cheap and expensive price moreover free charge. If you go to Malang, we advise you should be able to come here. Create Sumber Sirah is as your travelling option.

That’s all about Sumber Sirah tourism place. Wish the information will be useful for you. See you… Don’t forget to visit our website and give advices and comments.