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Going to Sempu Island

Going to Sempu Island - Hallo, lovers, we are present again to share some information about tourism places in Malang. No less interesting with the previous articles. Now, we will share information about “Sempu Island”.

Have you known about Sempu island? Have you visited the place? Not yet…. Ehmm how pity you are…Just kidding. Well, we will share information about it. For you who knew this place just now, you should read overall.

Going to Sempu Island Malang east java

Why should you read? Because there are some cautions in Sempu island.

The information about Sempu island  

What is Sempu island? The name of Sempu island is a name which was taken from the name of tree in the place. Where the tree is seldom met nowadays.

Well, Sempu island is one of tourism place which has an exotic and beautiful panorama. Because Sempu island is a nature preserve kept by government.

By the reason, actually, Sempu island is not a tourism place. But, because of the exotic and beautiful panorama, there are some travelers visit it to enjoy the island’s panorama.

Talking about Sempu island, it becomes a tourism place or not, there are some opinions. One side said that it is a tourism place, because there are many visitors to come in here and the manager gives the permission. Moreover, there is a government’s website introduces it as the tourism destination.
But, actually when we asked the manager, it is not a tourism place. Sempu island is a conservation. So, based on the manager said, if there are some visitors, he thinks that they are doing the research, they should get the permission first before entering Sempu Island.

But, we feel disappointed to some travelers visit here. Sometimes, there are some rubbishes in unplaced, it makes slum. So, if you visit it, please don’t throw the rubbish in unplaced. Moreover, destroy the ecosystem, we hope it does not happen. Keep this nature as you love yourselves…. Asekkkkk

The width is about 877 hectares, Sempu island has kind of ecosystem inside, such as the beach forest, mangrove, and tropical forest. It also has a vegetation, such as Wadang, Ketapang, Bendo, Waru laut, Pandan and Mangrove.

The Sempu island’s Location

If you want to know the location, we will share the location. The location is located in the south of Java island, exactly in East java.

It is in Tambakrejo village, Sumbermanjing Wetan (SUMAWE) Malang, East java. Honestly, listening SUMAWE, you want to go to another places. Yup, the location is beside the another tourism places. However, thaey are different of village. Therefore, if you have visited there, we suggest you can also visit another tourism places.

Let’s continue to the route to Sempu island.

The Route to Sempu Island

If you want to go to Sempu island, you should know the route. Because you pass the wrong way, it will make you wasting the time. if you use our guidelines, we believe that you will lost the right way. Hehehe just kidding

Going to Sempu Island

Here the route, Town square of Malang-Gadang-Bululawang-Turen-Sumawe (Sumbermanjing Wetan)- Tambak Rejo village-Sempu island.

The Ticket Price for Entering Sempu Island 

Talking about the ticket price, this place does not give the ticket. Because the palce is a conservation. It is free for entering the place.

But you should manage the letter permission. The letter permission? Yup… if you want to go to there, you should manage the letter permission for entering Sempu island conservation.
Is it difficult to manage? Sure, it is not difficult, moreover you can book in tour guides. It can be clear, you will be safe and comfortable in your travelling.

Next, we will give tips about this tourism place.

Tips for Going to Sempu Island
All of you who want to travel to Sempu island, you should read travelling tips for going Sempu island, although in short time. Let’s read the explanation!

The tips for going Sempu Island are:

1. Decide the date early
Discussing about the first tips, you should decide the time early. Why? Yup, because you should manage the letter permission before entering the place. Thus, we suggest you have decided the time early. Minimally, a month before travelling.

2. Prepare the equipment
You should care your equipment. If you want to camp there, the equipment such as tents, covers, lamps, and food. You also should bring a basket or plastic. After camping, you should clean the area around your camping.

3. Prepare your energy/strong
The third tips should be understood. You should prepare your health. If you are not pretty well, we believe you cannot enjoy your camping there.
Preparing health is a good tip for you who want to camp there. You can practice or doing sport, such as running or jogging. Keep your dietary habit.

Sempu Island Malang

4. Book the tour guide
It is the most important tip, why? As we tell in the first line, that we should manage the letter permission before entering the place. It can help you to manage the time. You should book the tour guide, or you can book to us. Because we have been mastered about this job.

If you book in wrong place for ordering the tour guide. You will feel disappointed. You should be able to choose the professional tour guide.

That’s all lovers that we can share the information about Sempu island tourism place. Hopefully, your traveling can run well.

Remember lovers, if you need a tour guide service, you can call us! See you in the next information.