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Evidently Polinema Malang is a blue campus which ….

Evidently Polinema Malang is a blue campus which …. Hai, lovers.

Evidently Polinema Malang is a blue campus. Right… Polinema is called a blue campus. Who knows why it is called a blue campus? Right... because the campus is from State Polytechnic of Malang. It covers blue.

Not only the campus’ color is blue, but all of the attributes are also blue. From the logo, jacket, and the uniform for studying.

Evidently Polinema Malang is a blue campus which ….

Thus, that’s why Polinema is called as a blue campus. Further more information about the blue campus, let’s read more. Read about the history and the profile of Polinema. 

The History of Polinema

Previously, Polinema was a university which its name was Polytechnic of Brawijaya University, which established in 1982 based on the decree of president no. 59/1982.

Firstly, Polytechnic of Brawijaya University had some majors, such as Electronica, Electricity, Civil, and Engineering technique.

In short time, Polytechnic of Brawijaya University added some majors, they are Chemical Technique, Accountancy Technique, and Business Administration.

The changing of name Polytechnic of Brawijaya University to be Polinema (State Polytechnic of Malang) in 2004. Based on the minister of education and culture No. 147/O/2004 on November, 22 2004.

The Profile of Polinema

Polinema is a state university in Malang, which is located in Malang city, East java. Its’ address is in Soekarno-Hatta street no. 9 Malang.

Polinema is a vocation educational institute which always participates actively for developing country’s economic by human resources and skills.

The vision of Polinema is becoming an excellent vocational institute in global competition. Whereas the mission of Polinema is holding and developing the innovative and quality of vocational education and competitiveness in the global competition based on industry, administration institute, and society requirements.

Not only them, Polinema also has a vision to hold applied researches, social dedication which are useful for developing science and technology as well as society prosperity.

Whereas holding educational system based on the principles of arrangements well and create academic situation concussively for increasing the quality of human resources and learning to support lifelong education, rising entrepreneur.

There are some majors in Polinema, they are Diploma 3 department and Postgraduate Program.

Polinema Malang is a blue campus

The details of them as follow; Diploma 3 or D3, Electronica, Electricity, Civil, Engineering, Chemical, Accountancy Technique, and Business Administration.

Whereas for Strata 1 or Diploma 4 is Electricity system, Electronica technique, Information technique, Digital Communication network, Construction management, Electronica Automotive technique, Management accountancy, and Marketing management.

The Characteristics of Blue Campus Polinema Malang

There are some characteristics of blue campus Polinema Malang.
1. Package System in studying
The students should take all of the subjects which have been programed and pass in each semester based on the rules.

2. Evaluation System
The evaluation is done by the institute that is decided academic achievement and the attendance in college. The students should follow the rules in the institute, because the rules are part of evaluation. Thus make the students to be professional.

3. Time in Studying
The total time duration in each subjects have different, each subjects are decided by the target capability and also the target skills.

From those characteristics are very good for you all who want to study and want to get a good job. Because there are some proofs that have been reached by the students’ graduate from the blue campus. Many big factories local or inter-local want them.

Well, those are some information that we can share to all of you about the blue campus Polinema. If there are some mistakes about writing, it is the weakness from us. We hope that you can understand and give advices or comments, thus our contents can be better.

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