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Ledok Ombo ( Ledhok Ombo ), Poncokusumo Malang

Oya. MeetMalang.Net, Assalamualaikum.... How are you kera-kera MeetMalang.Net? Coming back to meet Ayas that am still loyal to share information with Umak-umak about beloved Malang city and surround. Hehehe, Ayas miss umak-umak, yups…come back to the topic, Ayas will share information to you who wants to travel in Malang.

Ledok Ombo Poncokusumo is one of exotic, beautiful tourist place. Ledok Ombo is often used as a playground or out bond. Because of the condition and location that support, such as many high pine trees, a larger area, and available out bound facilities. It becomes interested place. Ledok Ombo is located in Poncokusumo, the east of Malang city. The street is same way to Bromo Mountain. If you are in the north, Umak can go through Tumpang. But, you are in the west, Umak go through Bululawang.

Ledok Ombo has many available facilities, such as Musolla, Water closet, and rest area (small hut, if there is rain, you can stay under the hut). Besides available facilities, Ledok Ombo can be used for camping, actually this place is for camp Guys.

Besides in the pine tree area is also completed by wood houses and Gazebo. It is good for spending night. Moreover, the natural background can add your photos with your family in this natural tourism place. Hem…how Guys, are you anxious, aren’t you?

As Ayas told you before, this place is often used for Camp for Junior, senior high school and also university students, not only schools around Poncokusumo, some schools are from another places come to use it. Sometimes, besides for camping, it is often used for training and education from some colleges, UKM (students’ activity unit), Gathering Students that is held by HMPS or BEM colleges. The beautiful night becomes the pine trees Ledok Ombo crowded of visitors. The citizen also often use their holidays by picnic with families in this natural tourism place.

The cost for entering this area is very cheap Guys. So, don’t worry about it. You just need Rp. 5000, is it the cheapest right? Do you want? Talking about the way, Umak-umak do not worry, access the street can be passed by motor cycles, cars, and buses.

That is the information about one of tourism places in Malang based on MeetMalang.Net. Invite your families in your house. Original Malang or not, you must take pictures in this place. If you never come there, your identity card should be asked. Hehehe…wish to be useful, wassalam..Dont’t forget to give comments and share….