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5 Interesting Facts of Jami’ Mosque of Malang City

1. The architecture does not change.

The old architecture of Jami’ mosque Malang City is held out until now, although it has rebuilt many times. The principal (Ta’mir) and the committee agree for holding out the original architecture. It combines Java and Arabic architecture. So, you do not imagine how the architecture in the past. Although it has been 126 years ago since 1890, most of the architecture does not change. It got an expansion and change in some parts without change the original shape.

Holding out the old architecture, java architecture is seen on the original building which is square, steel structure with double Tajug Tumpang roof. The roof is supported by 20 poles as the symbol of obligatory characteristic for Allah and 4 big poles in front of it as the symbol of Muhammad’s characteristic. The style of Arabic architecture can be seen from the dome shape on mosque tower and the curve construction on the windows and doors. Besides there are calligraphies which are written the name of Muhammad’s friends and the caliphs. The first renovation via The first renovation was done in 1947 that is the big change of front shape. The front porch was open then close by built divider wall which is not high. There was an eruption of Mt. Agung Bali in 1950 which was followed big enough earthquake, so that made damage on some parts of building in the mosque. After that incident, this mosque renovated again in part of front porch, adding the high of floor, adding part in the front porch, adding arch as a gate. All of the dome was changed by aluminum/metal which was ordered from Yogyakarta. In this renovation built a place of wudhu in south of mosque, a meeting room, and an administration room on the second floor.

2. One of 3 older Mosques in East Java

One of older mosque in East Java that was built in 1890. Jami’ mosque of Malang City is one of three older mosque in East Java. Both of older mosque are Ampel mosque Surabaya and Jami’ mosque Pasuruan.

3. The symbol of  piece among religions

Jami’ mosque of Malang City is one of kind’s symbol religion in Malang. It is not only in Malang City, moreover the writer is brave to summary in East java, Jami’ mosque of Malang City can be alive and stand with the other religious places.

5 Interesting Facts of Jami’ Mosque of Malang City

4. Expansion the building

The expansion of building to the north, this mosque was expanded to the north by built support building to the fourth floor include the first floor is semi basement for wudhu especially for women, a cloakroom (shoes/sandals/bags), bathrooms, praying room, an office, and a library. In the back, there is a prime building that is kindergarten school and water closets for women. The expansion of mosque was bigger than before in 1997, adding 2 floors in the east and north, a corridor that connects the mosque and 2 supporting buildings in the south and north. The big pillars are 60 diameters and it appears on the top. The south supporting building is as praying place and it was built third floor. The material was changed with concrete and was made geometries shape. The wall’s color and all of ornament is same (green monochrome) so that create the unity. The tower is higher till 41 meters, 3 white balustrade that is geometries resolute.

5. The mineral water is closed with Zam-Zam water

The mineral water is from artesian well, Jami’ mosque of Malang City ( The water is used from an artesian well in 250 meters. The artesian well has produced water itself although without using a water pump. It can produce till 15 liters in a second. Based on the result is from PDAM Malang City, the water is from an artesian well has fulfilled the requirement for drinking directly. It has 273.31 (Ph), total dissolved water (TDS) is closed with Zam-Zam water. TDS of water in Jami’ mosque is 437 while TDS of Zam-Zam water is 430. Besides the activities in the mosque, this water is also packed to become drinking mineral water by the brand (Q-Jami’). Q-Jami’ has been consumed by people not only in Malang, personal or some events.

There is an interesting story from an artesian well in Jami’ mosque of Malang City. This story has been told by the previous principal of Jami’ mosque, alm. KH Kamilun Muhtadin. Abah Kamilun said “This well has not produced water. He gave an opinion for inviting orphan children and invited them to pray on the hole of well. After that, the water appeared swiftly in big debit as now”. Behind of the unique, start from architecture and the shape of building, this mosque has proved to become a cool praying place and is always missed by people in Malang and some tourists.

That is the truth lovers, Umak-Umak (You) will be motivated for going Malang, because not only the tourism places that is shown in Malang City, but Malang has interesting religious tourism places. Proof it! See you lovers. (ulm)