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Tricks for Travelling With Low Budget

Tricks for Travelling With Low Budget -, Do you want to travel with low budget? Travelling….travelling…..travelling! All of people like it so much, don’t they? Travelling is identical with happiness and needs special budget. But it is not at all. By minimum budget, you still can enjoy some holidays happily. It needs special tricks, but can be done by everyone. These are the tricks:

1. Destination

What is destination? Destination is visiting in several significant time to visit other places that will be stayed for the trip (For example: transit place etc.) with specific limitation. For determining the destination, Umak (You) should be flexible. You should choose cheap destinations but joyful, such as Jogja, Solo, and Malang…hehehehe. The places have kinds of cheap, joyful, comfortable vacations. They will give you special impression. Hehehe

2. Transportation

For visiting some tourism places in Ngalam (Malang), actually Umak (You) do not need to spend more budget. You just use some transportations which are in Ngalam (Malang), such as pedicabs (Tri-cycle), Bentor (Motor Pedicab), Cart, and other transportations. Be sides Umak (You) can cut down your money and can feel the coldness of Malang city.

3. Inn

Yup, this problem is about Rudit (Tidur) or sleeping. When you go to Malang, try to invite your friends who have friends in Malang, such as family, uncle, cousin, or others, the main point is for free staying or free sleeping..hehehehe. If you do not have it, you can look for a daily boarding house or homestay. If you do not have money yet too, you can stay in the admin’s house of MeetMalang.Net. Hehehehe

4. Consumption/refreshments

Do you want to travel? I am sure you need some food. There are many things that can be done for thrifting food. When you go around Malang city or Malang regency, don’t forget to visit traditional markets. Because the price is very cheap, start from the traditional markets are in the north to south. Buy some snacks in the traditional markets is thriftier. Insyaallah…the admin of MeetMalang.Net will discuss about some traditional markets in Malang.

Wish it will be useful for you who like to travel in The Cold City, Ngalam (Malang)-East Java.