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The Temples Which Should be visited in Malang

Hallo, lovers,  -Assalamualaikum lovers, how are you? Certainly Umak-umak (You) are fine, aren’t you? Now Ayas (I) will give an information about some temples in Malang. And it is as an advice for travelling in Malang.  More over your travelling is with your special friend, Ayas (I) guarantee that if you come here your travelling will not be useless. Your travelling will be satisfied and impressed. Let’s visit some temples in Malang based on

1. Kidal Temple 

Kidal temple is in Kidalrejo village, Tumpang Malang. It is one of legacy from Singasri kingdom. It was built as symbol of respect for Anuspati’s big service, the second king was from Singasari. He has handled for 20 years (1227-1248). It’s architecture is east java culture and got rebuilt in 1990. It consists of Garudeya story and Mythology Hindu story which give moral message (Emancipation of servitude). Here, Umak-umak (You) will feel that every love rises without servitude. Hehehe…so poetic.  

2. Singoshari Temple

Singoshari temple is Hindu Buddhist, where it has the unique. It looks to have two floors. Besides Umak-umak (You) can see out decoration, mainly has flat structure. But it is not same as Singoshari temple, it has out decoration that is not flat. Maybe it was effected because the building did not finish yet then it left. That is the parentage based on the society around there. It is located in Candirenggo village, Singosari Malang (it is about 10 Km from Malang City). It is located on valley of Mt. Tengger and Arjuno 512 m dpal. This temple was the place of Ken Dedes and Ken Arok lived. Umak-umak (You) know Ken Dedes and Ken Arok, don’t you? It was the famous love story. Yup, lovers, when you travelled in Malang, you should visit here and take pictures here with your special friend.

3. Jago Temple

Eits…don’t think about the temple’s name, friends. Listen about the parentage, first. Jago temple, the society often called Cungkup temple. The giving of name Jago temple was not careless. The word “jago” was taken from “jajaghu” that had meaning “greatness”. 

It is not far from Kidal temple. It is in Jago village, Tumpang Malang. There is also a statue picture as Wayangs which are sitting in this place, are like a man and woman statue. Hehehe…so Umak-umak (You) should visit here and can take pictures near them.

Yup…those are some temples which should be visited when Umak-umak (You) are in Malang with your darling….hehehehe. Certainly, your legal darling. Umak-umak (You) can romance in front of the temples. Wish your love is like the temples. It is not deleted by time, becomes the period civilization, be protected, and be cared as a rare thing. That should be your love, friends. (ulm)