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The Famous Book Stores in Malang

Hai… - How are you, lovers? Now Ayas (I) will explain and share information about the book stores in Malang, and should be known by readers. Ayas will explain about the book stores which should be known in Malang. Here are some book stores in Malang based on



SISWA book store is a book store sells some lesson books from elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school. It also sells some school’s equipment. So Umak-umak (You) who want to buy some books and school’s equipment, Umak-umak can come here.  This book store is in the east of Town Square of Malang, in front of Matahari shopping center.


Togamas is also a famous book store in Malang, it sells kinds of books, comics, novels, lessons etc. it is complete, it is on Dieng Street, in the east of Dieng crossroad. 


Gramedia is a big book store, it is bigger than others. Here, Umak-umak will be served by the updates books. But some books are more expensive. Although some books are expensive but the books have good quality. The location of Gramedia book store is in the north of Town Square of Malang.


SARJANA book store is one of famous book store in Malang city. It is same as Siswa and Togamas book store. It sells lesson books and school’s equipment. Umak can visit here in Soepraon Street. It is in the south of Soepraon hospital, in the east of high way. 


Yup… the book store is often visited by students, teachers, and people in Malang. Because this book store sells kinds of book cheaply, or low price. Wilis book store is different of others book stores. This place is simple and small, if we compare with other book stores. It sells old books. If Umak-umak look for some old books, it is the suitable place for buying them. Yup… the location is on Wilis Street. You can pass in front of Brawijaya Museum.

Those are some famous book stores in Malang City based on You can give comments about this topic, who knows you want to add. Please, Ayas wait your comments!  Don’t forget to give advices, what topics else which want to discuss. That is all from Ayas, wish all of you always in good condition…amiin.  (ulm)