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Some Cafes in Malang which Making You Stay Over Night

Hello…MeetMalang.Net - Yup… ayas (I) want to share some hang out places or relaxing places in Malang for you who like overnight here, based on Some hang out places have been known, because they are famous. But, some people do not them yet, because they are new open. Yup…do you know those places, don’t you? if you do not know them yet, i will show them. But if you have known, please listen....hehehehe

1. My pantry Café 

My Pantry Café is a unique relaxing place, not only the design but the unique menu serving. The situation is comfortable enough, warm, and suitable condition. In this place umak-umak will always listen new music, and I am sure, it makes umak-umak endure. They come to My Pantry are young girls and boys, a couple, a close friend, and many singles. Do you want to relax your selves here too? By a comfortable situation, ayas (I) am sure, umak-umak will feel peaceful in this café. umak-umak can visit My Pantry that is located in Cengger Ayam Street (in front of Al-HikamIslam School Malang).

2. Godong Coffe Café 

Godong Coffe Café  is a relax place for having coffe, meals, and relaxing for all.  This café is open at 08.30 a.m to 02.00 a.m. this location is in Galunggung Street (North of Cyber Mall, Dieng Street). It has two floors, sometimes young people like on the second floor. Besides them, the facilities are wi-fi and free park area, and many kinds of coffee types are available. Some of coffee is served has unique names based on they are from. Total menu coffee are 12 kinds of coffee such as Malang coffee, Toraja coffee, Timor Leste coffee, Lanang coffee, Wamena coffee, Ijo coffee, Dampit coffee, Flores coffee, Aceh coffee, Bali coffee, Lampung coffee, and Gresik coffee. So, umak-umak (you) can choose them, what coffee do you like? This cafe has over plus, sometimes when we spend time in cafés, we forget the time, mainly praying. Here, this café gives a place for praying. Yup…. umak-umak who like NongMa (Nongkrong Lama)/ (long spending time), I am sure that this café has been a favorite place for relaxing a moment.

3. Kedai Coffe Cafe

Kedai Coffee café is counted a new café that umak-umak know. Because this café was built in this year, 2016. Exactly, on May yesterday. Umak-umak will be served kinds of nice steady coffee here. And also umak-umak will feel relax here because the chairs are in the out door. So, in the afternoon umak-umak can feel the peaceful wind blows to you while having coffee. Wow…guaranteed enjoyable...umak-umak can visit this café in Klayatan Street block 3, Malang.

Those are spending time places in Malang City, that make umak-umak enjoy overnight based on, out of them, if umak-umak do not agree, never mind, those are your opinions and these are my opinions….hehehehe (ulm)