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Shopping Centers near Town Square of Malang (Alun-Alun Malang)

Hai….MeetMalang.Net - How are you, MeetMalang.Net lovers? Now ayas (I) will explain and give information about Shopping Centers which are near Malang Town Square (Alun-Alun), umak-umak (you)should visit them, if you have holiday in Malang. Ayas will share about shopping centers which you should visit in Malang. Here are shopping centers based on MeetMalang.Net:

1. MATAHARI  Mall Shopping Center

Matahari mall is one of bigger shopping center which is near Town Square of Malang. It is in the south of Town Square, this place is of often become shopping place for tourists who will get exclusive souvenirs of Malang. Here there is a cheap market, it is on the first floor. If you go to here, you can bargain for buying everything.  Because the sellers know who are new comers or not in Malang. It is located in the south of Town Square of Malang, in the first cross road, in the east. Sure, you will have known the place, because the building is seen clearly when you are in Town Square of Malang.

2. TREND Shopping Center

Trend is a shopping center which is not far from Town Square of Malang, near Matahari mall. Trend is a place which is often visited by young boys and girls for buying clothes. Because this place gives the newest style of clothes and trend. Not only that, there are many discounts here so that many boys and girls choose this place as a prefer shopping center. While Matahari mall is in the east of Town Square, but Trend are in South East of Town Square. So if you are in The Town Square, you just follow the high way in the east and go to the south. Accurately, it is in the first cross road, in the left side. There is a big board of TREND.

3. Gajah Mada Shopping Center

Gajah Mada or called by kera-kera Ngalam (Malang people) short of GM. GM is a shopping center which is near Town Square of Malang. The location is beside of Matahari mall, it is in the east of Matahri mall. The near position does not influence the rivalry both of them.  Besides the competitive price, the quality of the clothes too. Gajah Mada is famous of the cheap price. Yup... when we look at the building, Matahari mall is bigger than Gajah Mada. Wider than Matahari mall, but you do not worry with the content, it is complete.

4. STAR Shopping Center

Beside them, there is a shopping center near Town Square of Malang, it is special for clothing, such as STAR. STAR is a shopping center which sell exclusive shoes and sandals. So, if you want to buy shoes and sandals, umak-umak (you) can try to visit this place. It is beside TREND, it is in the north.

5. Bata Shopping Center

Bata is a shoes and sandals shopping center which is in every big cities. Bata store is one of shopping center near Town Square of Malang. Bata gives quality shoes and sandals, guarantied the resistance. The location is near STAR, in the north of STAR.

6. Ramayana Shopping Center

This shopping center is near Town Square of Malang which is not lose by Matahari Mall. Ramayana shopping center is in the east of Town Square of Malang. If umak-umak are in Town Square, just your view is moved to the east, there is a big building, Ramayana. It is famous of the quality. So umak-umak should be ready to bring tick money.

Those are some shopping centers which are near Alun-Alun Malang, based on MeetMalang.Net. Out of them, if umak-umak do not agree, never mind. Those are your opinion and it is my opinion…hehehe… Tahes (Health) regard kera-kera (friends). (ulm)