Review the Information About Malang Indonesian

Malangan Universities - Assalamualaikum kera-kera....! Are you surprised? I call you kera-kera? You have known about it, why kera-kera. It’s okay, if some of you do not understand it yet, I tell you again, that is opposite of arek-arek. Have you understood? If you have understood, ayas call you kera-kera, don’t you? Hehehe

Yups…followers of MeetMalang.Net, in the last what did I discuss? Hmhmhm….ayas forget. Yups…ayas discussed about transportations in Malang especially minibus (mikrolet). Hmhhm…now what is the topic that ayas will discuss? It is better if you give us comments. So that, ayas can discuss information about Malang that umak-umak do not understand yet. Now days, for me… the important thing, ayas discuss about some universities in Malang. Do you need this information? Perhaps umak-umak who want to continue your study in Malang, you know little bite about them.

 Yup, ayas will explain what universities are in Malang and their addresses or locations. So don’t worry, if you want to register. You can come there directly.  There are many universities and famous universities in Malang. I organize one by one, the first is Brawijaya University or called UNIBRAW, UNBRA, or UB.  This is a state university, it is the largest university in Malang. So, don’t be shocked when you are in UNIBRAW. Beside it is famous of large, UNIBRAW is famous of the fantastic cost of registration. So it is suitable with the facilities that give to students. But don’t misunderstanding, UNIBRAW also cares with students’ finance. So, UNIBRAW does not collect much payment for poor students, it means suitable with their family’s condition. The first campus is in Veteran Street, while the second campus is in Dieng Street, and the third street is in Griyashanta.

The second is University of Malang, we can call UM. Last year, this university’s name was IKIP Malang. This university has 3 campuses too, the first campus is in Semarang Street No.5, the second campus is in Kedungkandang-Sawojajar, and the third is in Blitar. It is exceptionally, isn’t it? It’s color coat is dark blue.

The third is Islamic state university of Maulana Malik Ibrahim, it is short from UIN, or it is known UIN Maliki Malang. This university is the only one Islamic state in Malang. UIN has a big campus, it’s special color is green. The coat of UIN is dark blue. UIN has many features, one of it is the accreditation is A. This location is in Gajayana Street No. 50 Malang.

The fourth is Politeknik Negeri Malang or called POLINEMA. That college is in Soekarno-Hatta 9 Malang street. In the first year, it’s name was Politeknik Brawijaya University which built in 1982. But it got a change in 2004. This college is known as electronic major. So umak-umak who has ability in electronic, it is suitable with you.

Yups…in the last, ayas want to explain my campus. Those are famous state universities in Malang. My campus is University of Kanjuruhan Malang, it is often called UNIKAMA. My campus is a multicultural university, different from ethnic, race, religion, and culture. Hehehe….my campus is a private university that creates many competent teachers, because it’s background is PGRI (Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia). So, umak-umak who want to be a teacher, this is the place. Including me, ayas am as a student there who wants to be a teacher, especially an Indonesian language teacher. Hehehe…is it clear, my friends? (ulm)