Review the Information About Malang Indonesian

In-depth message behind City Hall, Lotus flowers, and Tugu Malang

Hallo… - Assalamualaikum Kera-kera (friends), yup… Ayas (I) come back again to give the newest information about Malang. Malang is the beautiful city, which has million nature panorama and buildings. Not only that, Malang has an important history in Indonesia. Now, Ayas (I) will discuss about Malang Town Hall (Balkot)…anyone knows? Hmhmhm…if Umak-umak (You) have known about it, why is it wanted to discuss, isn’t it? Hehehe…Ayas know, Umak-umak have known Malang Town Hall (Balkot)? But anyone knows that it is a history place? Yup… if you do not know, Ayas want to share an information about Malang Town Hall. What happen with Malang Town Hall?

Malang Town Hall is an old historic building in Malang City. Some people told that the first destruction of Malang City was planned and built by the government, it happened at the second aggression about 1984. This beautiful city was set by kinds of flowers and gardens, finally it destroyed after battle. Moreover, at the beginning of 20 century, Malang City often called as flowers season for European. After destroying, Town Hall was built. The Town Hall building is one of buildings designed Netherland colonial art which is in the radian of Tugu Malang Street and it is Netherland estate. This hall is the central of Malang City, friends.

The building of Malang Town Hall has two floors. The building orientation appears the north –south. There is a Tugu (Monument) Park in front of Town Hall, which make beautiful the building. Tugu monument becomes a symbol of Malang City now, but there is not it before. Do you now Shobat-shobat (friends), Tugu monument stands upright, it has the meaning itself. At the top of Tugu organizes as sharp bamboo, it means this weapon was used by Indonesian to fight Netherland soldiers for getting Independent.  The chain draws the unity of Indonesian that cannot be separated. The ladder organizes as 4 and 5 corners, the stars have 8 levels and 17 foundations, so it means the historical date of Indonesia August, 17 1945. The water Lily is around in the monument, red and white symbolize the braveness and purity as the flag of Indonesia. That is the meaning Shobat (Friends)

Not only has the meaning Shobat, the monument also symbolized the centre of 5 directions. Why are 5 directions? Why are not 7 or 10 directions? Once again, it relates on religion, Islamic religion. What is the meaning? Ayas explain it, Islam influences the development of Malang nowadays, because of it, and unintentionally Malang Town Hall is covered by 5 direction. The 5 directions have the meaning of Islam. For being Moslem, we must have 5 pillars, they are saying Syahadat, praying, doing Zakat, fasting, and going Hajj. The monument symbolizes Alif, one of hijaiyah alphabets.  So for going to the monument means Allah, so it needs the 5 directions, they are 5 Islamic pillars.

Yup…that is the meaning of Malang Town Hall, have you known, what happens with Malang Town Hall. So, it has many extraordinary meaning. The place which always remember us to Allah swt. That’s from me. Wish it will be useful for us. (ulm)