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Free Charge Tourism Places in Malang - Coban Putri (Waterfall)

Hallo…MeetMalang.Net - How are you kera-kera (friends)? Coming back to meet ayas (Me), I am loyal to share some information for umak-umak (you) about beloved Malang City and surroundings. Hehehe...Seems adzan, by using surroundings. Yup…come back to our topic, ayas (I) will share information about a free charge tourism place in Malang.

Coban Putri is one of coban (waterfall) in Malang, this location is in Junrejo sub district, Tlekung Village, near Coban Rais. Coban Putri is an original waterfall because you can see nature environments. Stony Street and brush wood, it identifies that this Coban is still kept originally. Besides them, it is free charge. Sometimes when umak-umak tour to this waterfall, umak-umak will pay the cost of parking area. But umak-umak should not pay the ticket because maybe it is not taken care of the government. So there is not a payment when you visited here.

Coban Putri is very safe for tourists who want to invite kids for taking bath. Because, the water is not swift, and the depth is about 100 Meter. So, families who want to enjoy this waterfall can invite your kids. Besides free charge and nature, your families will be safe to play in the water. The high is about 35 Meter and width is about 3 Meter.

Behind scenes of Coban Putri’s beauty has a mystery that is seldom known by the tourists. The name of Coban Putri was taken from a local myth. It called myth, but it should be known. The name was taken at Singosari Kingdom period, the Coban was often stayed by Putri Ken Dedes, a consort of Ken Arok, King of Singosari Kingdom. Although many people said that Ken Dedes often took a bath in Songgoriti, but this place became a secret place for Ken Dedes’ bath. Because of them, that waterfall called Coban Putri.

The Coban can be troughed by motor cycles, but if umak-umak drive a car, no problem. But umak-umak should walk from parking area to Coban. Although, we should walk in long street. Umak-umak will enjoy the nature panorama of cool waterfall. And umak-umak also hear sound of birds and insects when walked.

So, although this Coban is free charge, umak-umak will be spoiled by it’s beauty and nature. The conclusion is umak-umak will not be useless for visiting Coban Putri…Hehehehe (ulm)