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Finding Your Major in Unira Univesity

Profile of University of Raden Rahmat Kepanjen Malang - Hallo….MeetMalang.Net. Assalamualaikum Kera-kera (Friends). Are you shock, aren’t you? When I call Kera-kera? You have known the meaning. Okay….if one of you do not understand yet, I will explain it again. Kera-kera is Arek-arek (Friends). Well…I can call you Kera-kera…hehehehe

Yup MeetMalang.Net lovers, what did I discuss before? I forget it. Hmhmh…Ayas (I) discussed about Malangan Universities. What topic will we discuss? You should give comments, so that I can discuss some information about Malang that Umak-umak (You) do not understand yet. Now, I will discuss about an Islamic university in Malang. Do you need it? You need or not, I will explain about this Islamic university in Malang. Who knows Umak-umak (You) can continue your study in Malang. But, now I will focus on one university. This university is University of Raden Rahmat Malang. Let’s see the profile of university!

Islamic university of Raden Rahmat or is often called UNIRA (not UNIRA Madura). It is the only Islamic university in Malang regency and is on Jl. Raya Mojosari No.2. This university was an Islamic High School (STAI) Raden Rahmat before, then the status has been university. Based on Surat Keputusan Kemendikbud number 188/E/O/2014 on July 2014 about founding of University of Raden Rahmat. So, actually UNIRA is not a new university, but UNIRA as a campus, the previous name STAI then become a university.

It is needed to know MeetMalang.Net lovers, this university has a point of views to become an excellent, competitive, globally university for creating Khaira Ummah generation, and AsWaJa value (Ahlusunnah Wal Jama’ah). The mission is conducting high education while improving science, technology, art, and culture with concentrate Islamic value, and conducting high education to improve the quality of Indonesian by Khaira Ummah concept.

Islamic university of Raden Rahmat Malang has some programs, such as Bachelor (S1); Islamic faculty include Islamic education (PAI), Islamic elementary school (PGMI) and Syari’ah economic. Not only have that, this university also opened some majors or department in Computer and Technic Faculty such as Electro, Engineering, Information, Agro technology, and System technology. There is an Economic faculty and Social knowledge such as Management and government. The last is psychology faculty and Training and education department such as Psychology, Social (IPS), and Elementary school (PGSD).

Besides Umak-umak (You) know about the profile, Umak-umak should know about the rectors and soon in this university. So Umak-umak should know too. Ayas (I) will introduce one by one, started from the care taker is Prof. Dr. KH. Muhammad Tholhah Hasan, the rector is Drs. KH. Mahmud Zubaidi, MA, the first vice rector is Prof. HM. Mas’ud Said, Ph.D.

That is the information that Ayas inform to Umak-umak about the only one Islamic university in Malang regency. Don’t forget to give comments or additional information. We are welcome.
Wish Umak-umak (You) are in good condition…amin.