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A Rainbow Village, the Newest Tourism Place in Malang

Hai…  - Well…ayas (I) will share about the newest tourism place in Malang based on This tourism place is the newest in Malang society, many people come to this place. Ehm…Do you know this place? If you do not know yet, I will explain. If you have known it, please listen…hehehehe

The rainbow village is an interesting tourism place to be visited when you go to Malang. Have you known it? Actually, what is rainbow village? Well, ayas (I) will explain to umak-umak (You) about Rainbow Village. It is like the name, Rainbow Village is the colorful village or colorful houses. It’s name is colorful houses, it means the houses are colorful, aren’t they? is right, here all the houses are colorful, the roof-tile, and the wall has different color. Of course, it is suitable for taking pictures or selfie with your friends in your free time. This place should be visited, guaranteed umak-umak will feel enjoy and rise a question, why do people want to paint their house colorfully? There is not an answer, and it is not important. Umak-umak can pose in this place freely. But my advice after visiting here, if you want to take pictures. Umak-umak can take picture on the bridge, because all the colourful houses are appeared. And umak-umak can come in the afternoon, because there is sunset so the light is suitable. Umak-umak also feel in Europe, but it is our country...Hehehehe.

If umak-umak want to go to this place, ayas will explain the route or the way. If umak-umak are from the north, can pass Rampal yard, do you know Rampal yard? I hope you know. From the north umak-umak go ahead to the south follow the high way. If umak are from the south, umak can pass Gadang Street. In Gadang cross road, you go ahead to the north, until pass fly over. Then you go ahead to the north, the tourism place is on the right. If you are from the west, you can pass Town Square of Malang, then go ahead pass the Malang Town Hall to the east. You will see the railway station of Kota Baru Malang, then you have arrived there.

That is the newest information about the newest tourism place in Malang according to Invite your family for visiting here. Kera-kera Ngalam (people of Malang) should visit here, if you never visst here, it needs to ask your identity card....Hehehe, Wish it be usefull...Wassalam, Don’t forget to give comments and share it to others. (ulm)