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5 Strange Tricks for Getting IP up to 3

Hai… - Assalamualaikum wr.wb… lovers. Yup..ayas want to give an information for  umak-umak who are in Senior High School, and want to continue your study in college. There are something which umak-umak should be known. Hmhmh….what are they? Yup…these things must be known by you, if you become a fresh student, how is the strategy to get good IP up to 3. I am sure umak-umak want it, don’t you? Getting score up to 3 or 3.5….can you? These are some strange tricks for a new student to get good score (IP) up to 3 based on

1. Be Diligent

Diligence is a good strategy to get good score (IP) 3. Sob, sometimes a new student must give the first impression with lecturers, and the impression is diligence. Be diligent to do duties on time, and diligent to read books. If umak have done this strategy, ayas am sure that umak will get good score or up to 3. Mostly in studying, it does not know who is smart and who is not smart, studying in college only knows who is diligent. Merely umak-umak are smart, smarter, and the smartest. But umak-umak do not finish your duties on time. Ayas am sure, umak will not get good score or IP up to 3.

2. Be active in the class

 Yup...besides diligent, umak must be active in the class. Actually, many students have known this strategy. But, in fact, mostly new students are still shy to present their aspirations and opinions. So that, this will influince to your score or IP. So, ayas advice, umak-umak or new students should study to speak in the class, altough your speak is still stiff or unappropriate. If umak have done this second strategy, ayas am sure, umak will be able to get good score or IP up to 3.

3. Be a leader/captain in the class

Continuing to the third strategy Sob. Besides be active in the class, there is a point that umak may not leave, that is to be a captain class. Yup..why does become a captain is one of good strategy to get good IP? Because, when umak become a captain class, umak will be close with your lecturers. It makes your lecturers evaluate you.  the cause, the lecturers sometimes ask a captain class. So your lecturers will give point here Sob. Your lecturers will feel pity to you who have helped your lecturers. For example, when the lecturers can not attend, automatically, a captain class becomes a sharing information. That is you agree, don’t you? hehehe

4. Be intimate and polite with lecturer

The fourth trick is intimate and polite with lecturers. That is right Sob, this is the most effective strategy for conquering the lecturers’ heart. Don’t forget the politeness too. So, in the point umak-umak must be intimate and polite with your lecturers. For example, umak bring her/his bag to his/her room, or if they want to go home, you can accompany them to their car. Don’t forget to shake hand or kiss hand. Hehehe….if umak have done this strategy, guaranteed your IP is up to 3, because I have eyeteeth Sob.

5. Be diligent to pray

The last is diligent to pray. Yup…this is very important, pray is very important, Sob. Because our life is given by God, we should ask some helps to him. Sometimes, many students feel that studying does not correlate with our God. Eits…. That is wrong. Allah will always give easy chair to people for getting something, if people ask to him.  The four things will be useless, if umak-umak do not do this last strategy, because it is the main point. So, ayas advice to it in the first….ok Sob.
Those are some good strategies for getting score or IP up to 3 based on, if umak-umak do not agree, never mind. Ayas just share information to umak-umak…..Hehehehe (ulm)