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5 Punishments Make Students Chary

Hallo… - Assalamualaikum… How are you, ker (Friends)? Meet again with Ayas (Me). There is something that Ayas (I) want to share to Umak-umak (You) who are studying in universities now. Because this information is very important. So, Ayas (I) ask your opinion, agree or disagree with my opinion after this. The students identic with many assignments, is it right? Yup, now Ayas (I) will explain some punishments that make students chary, based on

1. Thrown an eraser

Yup… it often happens in the crowded class. Sometimes, the lecturer will throw an eraser or a board marker to one of students, so that the class will be silent. This punishment is very powerful to the crowded students. Are Umak (You) ever thrown an eraser by a lecturer?

2. Summarizing the material

Summarizing material is costumed act, because just copy and paste from the book. But, it is different from this one. This punishment for the students who happy to leave the duties by giving many reasons. The summarizing punishment that was explained by the lecture is a suitable choosing. It make the students chary and diligent to do assignment. Although there are some lecturers do not care it, because they think that the students need lecturers, so if the students are not serious, it is their mistake.

3. Reducing the score

Yup…getting this punishment is heavy enough friends. Umak-umak (You) should be careful with a lecturer who often gives this punishment. Because it will impact to your score. So that this punishment makes the students chary. Do you want it?

4. Going out of the class

Going out from the class is a punishment which is sometimes given by a lecturer when saw the students often come late. This punishment makes the students chary who often come late. When this punishment is applied, the students will not come late again. Moreover, the students will come early before the lecturer come, if it is applied, do you want?

5. May not join final test (UAS) 

Yup…you do not permit to join final test is a punishment that makes the students chary. Because if the students may not join the final test (UAS), it will make the students will not pass the subject. Who wants? Sometimes it is applied to the students who are seldom present or often absent in the class.

Those are the information that I can give to you all. Agree or disagree, Ayas give to lovers as the reader. The main point is sharing experiences as I felt as a writer, anyone felt as what I felt? If you ever felt it, my advice is you should be on the right way. That is all from me, thank you.
Wish Umak-umak are always health. (ulm)