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4 Facts of Exotic Coban Glotak (Glotak Waterfall)

Hallo… - Assalamualikum lovers, how are you? Hopefully, you are fine.  Meet again with ayas to give concept about Malang City and surroundings. This time ayas want to share information about Coban or we call a water fall. Yup…a water fall has attractive power itself to friends who love nature. The nature scenery that is given make nature lovers are not bored to visit this tourism place. There are many Coban or water falls in Malang, high and short water falls. Malang has been full of tourism places. A water fall which ayas will explain is a water fall or Coban Glotak, which is in Wagir sub district. What is Coban Glotak? Yup…later umak-umak will know, in fact Coban Glotak has good attractive power itself.

Based on, there are some things that make Coban Glotak to be exotic. These are the descriptions:

1. Nature

it is one of  Coban that is still kept the nature. In this Coban, there is few tourists who visit, so that if umak-umak go to there, you will not see rubbish that we see in other tourism places. Yup….based on surrounding society here, this place is seldom visited. There is few direction boards for going there.

2. Route the way

The way is difficult enough, it is tightened. The way is about a half meter, it makes them tense, so that be careful to arrive there. Because there is a high canyon in the side. But besides the tightened route, the visitors can see wide green panorama, green leafy trees. There are many visitors taking pictures on the way. That is the way, why route has attractive power itself. It needs 20-30 minutes. The visitors should prepare their power before going there.

3. The high of Coban

Yup….this is the third attractive power based on for visitors who want to tour in Malang. This water fall has high 100 M and is slope of Kawi Mountain. It is a higher water fall in Malang based on, moreover in East Java. So it is a happiness itself who have ever visited Coban Glotak, because you have enjoyed the water of higher water fall in Malang.

4. The name “Glotak” of water fall

The name ”Glotak” on the water fall is unique. The history said that “the name of Coban Glotak itself comes from the sound of stones which fell down together with the water”. The stones fell down, they delivered sound “glotak-glotak”. So the people there often call as Coban Glotak.

Those are some cases that make Coban Glotak becomes an exotic tourism place based on If umak-umak do not agree, never mind. Those are your opinion and these are my opinion…hehehe (ulm)