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3 Cheaper, More Popular, And More Famous Snack in Malang

Hai… - Assalamualaikum lovers. Ayas (I) do not platitude Sob. Now I will introduce some special snacks in Malang which is cheap, popular, and famous. What is that? Shobat-shobat (Friends) do not go to Malang yet, you will be anxious. These are some cheap, popular, and famous snacks, based on


Cilok, it is not Cinlok (Location Love), without N….hehehe. Based on my opinion, Cilok is food which is the cheapest one in Malang city. Umak-umak (You) can find it in the school, campuses, tourism places, and markets. Cilok is food, same as meat ball which mix meat and flour. Not only that, sometimes, the contain is various, such as fried crispy, small siomay, and meat tofu. The sauce is mixed by ketchup, tomato sauce, peanut sauce, and chili sauce. Actually, this food is not only in Malang, but it is in Bandung too. The difference is the recipe of peanut sauce. But Ayas (I) cannot differentiate them yet between Cilok Malang and Bandung. Hehehe…


Besides Cilok, nowadays there is new traditional snack in Malang city. It is sold by many sellers and liked by society, children and young people. This snack is mixed from flour and fish. It is called SEMPOL. It is different of Cilok which the body is as Meat ball, but this food, the flour is patched on the soft small bamboo. It is as palm leaf. While in process, the ingredients are flour and fresh fish. Besides use fish, it can be replaced by meat and chicken, after they are mixed and added some flavor, then patched on the bamboo. Then it is entered in the hot oil till a half done, then dipped in the egg dough, then re fried again till done. The sauce same as Cilok sauce, ketchup, and peanut sauce.


Mendol is one of special snack in Malang which is often found in fried snack place. Mendol is made from mixed tempe and peanut. After bedraggled flour, then fried. This snack is very cheap. It is about Rp. 500-600. Sometimes it is eaten with Petis (Sauce). It is liked by Ngalam society (Malang Society). So, if Umak-umak (You) go to Malang, you should try to taste this snack. If Umak-umak (You) do not taste it yet, I am sure, your visiting is not complete yet.

That is information that I can share to you about some special snacks in Malang which is cheap, popular, and famous based on If Umak-umak (You) do not agree, it is okay. Umak (You) should have opinion….hehehehe, but I am sure that Umak-umak (You) will agree with me. (ulm)