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The Reasons Malang Raya to be Fertile and Prosperous

MeetMalang.Net - Yup…ayas give information about the reasons Malang Raya to be Fertile and Prosperous base on MeetMalang.Net. There are some factors that make Malang Raya to be fertile and prosperous. Ayas believe umak-umak have known, but umak are not realize yet. Hehehe..ayas give information so that umak-umak will be cleverer for doing some things that ayas will explain. These are some factors that make Malang Raya to be fertile and prosperous base on MeetMalang.Net, perhaps they will make you comfort in Malang:

1. Majlis Ta’lim
Based on the expert said, the word”majelis Ta’lim” arrange from 2 words: majlis means Place and Ta’lim means Studying, it means a place for studying or studying for people who want to learn Islam as medium of Dakwah and learning religion. Majlis Ta’lim is one of non-formal diniyah education that aims to increase faith and piety to Allah SWT and good attitude for community and also give God’s Mercy for society. In it’s action, Majlis Ta’lim is a learning place or islamic education that is flexible and not current the time. Majlis Ta’lim is open for every ages, social, and gender. The time is flexible, it can be in the morning, afternoon, or evening. The place can be in houses, mosques, mushalla, buildings, Aula, yards etc. on the other hand, Majlis Ta’lim has two functions as Dakwah organization and Non-formal education. It’s flexibility becomes the power to stand and Islamic education organization that is the nearest with society. Majlis Ta’lim is also a place for interaction, communication between general society with ulama’ and between jamaah. So, Majlis Ta’lim becomes an alternative religion education for them who do not have much energy, time, and chance to learn religion knowledge in formal education. These cases make Majlis Ta’lim has characteristic value than others. So, Majlis Ta’lim makes Malang Raya to be fertile and prosperous.

2. Pengajian Akbar
Pengajian is in Arabic languague called At-ta’llimu comes from ta’allama yata’allamu ta’liiman that is Study, the meaning of pengajian or ta’liim has value its self, attending to learn religion knowledge with alim people is one of ibadah for moslem. There are many meaningful that can be taken to invite a person to be a positive person. This action can be done by Moslem society to correct ourselves.

3. Majlis Sholawat
Majlis sholawat is one of Majelis Dzikir and sholawat that is interesting and interested by Islamic society in Malang Raya. There are many people who attend these events. Society attend to join this activity in the morning, afternoon, and evening. These activity usually hum sholawat and regard to Muhammad SAW prophet. When this activity hold, there are many people open a job, such as selling something that related this activity. (ulm)