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6 Factors That Make You Endure in Malang City

Yupp. MeetMalang.Net - Now, ayas want to ask, how do you feel when you came to Malang? Do you endure in Malang, don’t you? If you felt endure, what make you endure in Malang? Please umak-umak give comments below! So that I can know your reasons for enduring in Malang. Yups…before it, ayas also want to give some factors that make umak-umak endure in Malang city based on MeetMalang.Net

Here, some factors make umak-umak endure in Malang city based on MeetMalang.Net
1. Nature Condition
Nature condition influnces the transpiring of living thing very much, the nature makes people endure to live for long time. In this case, the occupant is human. A human is a creature who is given ability to think. So, it is true if nature condition makes people endure.
The nature condition is leafy that has many trees in Malang. It makes peoples like to stay in Malang city for some days. Moreover, based on the statistical data every year, many peoples immigrate to Malang city. Because the nature condition supports their life very much, make them stay long time there.

2. Weather Condition
Yup….weather becomes an important factor why people endure to live in this place. Nowdays, if we survey that many people choose Malang city as living place because of cool weather. It is about 23 Celsius degree. In working, the weather becomes an important thing for workers such as their comfort. The weather condition is cold and fresh in Malang make people endure to stay in Malang city.

3. Many tourism places
Yup.. This one is different, Malang has been famous because it has many nature, exotic tourism place. There are water falls, beaches, gardens (oranges, apples, zalacca palms etc.), and hot water bathing place. This point makes me give up, Malang has many tourism places. Many tourism places make peoples endure to live in Malang city. Every weekend, ayas guarantee and umak-umak can visit the different places. Moreover, you are students of college, this point become a main target and a reason for living long time in Malang.

4. Many entertainments
What I have said to you, umak-umak will not be bored in Malang, and beside Malang has many tourism places. Malang city also has many entertainments that make you endure to live in Malang city. For example, town square of Malang, malls, cinemas, playgrounds, zoos etc. Your weekend will impress in Malang city.

5. Traditional food
Beside tourism places and entertainments, Malang city supplies much special food that is in this city. Ayas am sure that umak-umak are agree about it, because it is true, if I conclude that Malang is one of special food place. All of kind of food is available here. Beside traditional food, there is a special food where it makes umak-umak addict and do not leave Malang city. For example, Ayam Nelongso, Tempe crispy, apple crispy etc. my mind is not enough…hehehe. Umak-umak try to go to Malang please.

6. A special friend (Si Dia)
Hemhem.... who is he/she?...hehehe... si dia (he/she) makes me defend in cold and hot weather. Aseekk, si dia (he/she) becomes a factor that umak-umak do not leave beloved Malang city. There are new comers, women or men. So that, it is possible that your partner is here. Hihihi..the new comers are students in colleges, workers in Malang city. It is not false if there is suitable partner and serious to live together. That is right...It makes ayas and umak-umak endure in Malang because of her/him.

Those are some reasons that why many peoples endure to live in Malang city, based on MeetMalang.Net. version. Out of the topic, if umak-umak do not agree, it is ocey. That is your opinions and this is my opinion...hehehe....if you agree, which one? (ulm)