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3 Famous Ngabuburit Places in Malang City

Yups. MeetMalang.Net - Now, ayas give information to friends about 3 famous Ngabuburit places in Malang City, based on MeetMalang.Net. These Ngabuburit places are said famous, if there are many people who know and they come to that place. Yups..Don’t you know famous Ngabuburit place, do you? If you do not know yet, ayas give the information. But, if you have known it, listen please! Hehehehe. These are famous Ngabuburit places in Malang city MeetMalang.Net version:

1. SS Stall(Special Sauce)

Special Sauce stall or is called as SS Stall that is a special palace where adults and parents enjoy in various menu that are completely hot. In this stall, there is various sauce with different level and taste. The levels are 27 levels, such as Terasi,Tei, Gobal-Gabul, Rempelo Ati, Shrimp, and eggplant etc.
The various sauce’s sensation becomes fascination itself for food lovers to be a special place for waiting Sunset prayer or iftar together. In this stall, the service is ready, so it makes visitors happy to come again. So, according to me, it will be lose time, if you never come here. Surely, umak-umak come in this stall when visit in this Apple city.

2. Ayam Nelongso Stall(Disappointed Chicken Stall)

Duck house and Ayam Nelongso are one of  famous places in Malang City. These places become one of favorite place for food lovers in Malang as Nabuburit place. It opens evening to before day. If you need Wi-Fi, this place has been ready because it is free Wi-Fi. Beside SS Stall, Ayam Nelongso stall is one of fried chicken that make people interesting to come here because of super-hot sauce.

3. Jami’ Mosque Malang City

Hehehe, why does it become a favorite place for Ngabuburit? Surely, you will ask like that, won’t you? Aren’t there many stalls that are many visitors? Eits….MeetMalang.Net does not choose and classify everything rudely. Jami’ mosque is famous with beautiful, huge building. This place becomes a favorite place for iftar. The people choose a mosque as Ngabuburit place in Malang City. Who does not know Jami’ mosque Malang City. Of course, you have known it well. This place is full of visitors who just enjoy the panorama of Malang Town Square. It is sure right, it gives extra sensation, from togetherness in iftar with persons who we do not know yet, until the food is free. So, it is not wrong, is it? If ayas choose Jami’ mosque Malang City as a famous place for Ngabuburit…hehehe…surely you agree with me.

Those are some places in Malang City that are famous for Ngabuburit based on MeetMalang.Net. Out of it… if umak-umak disagree, never mind. That is your opinion and it is my opinion…hehehehe. (ulm)