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Angkotan Mikrolet Malang

Hey, kera-kera ngalam....MeetMalang.Net is coming back. Umak still remember, don’t you? Sobat MeetMalang.Net. what should ayas talk about? Previous ayas have talked about Malangan Languague that is wali’an, where it has been a special characteristic of Malang city. Now what is talking about? Hemmm..Maybe this one, TRANSPORTATION. Umak do not go to Malang yet, maybe ayas feel that you do not understand about the street, confused what transportation should take, and then after knowing the transportation, confused about the destination, and the last is the cost (the cost for paying a transportation). Don’t worry sobat! Ayas will explain all of them, starting A to Z, let sobat understands and does not ask again when go to Malang.

Well sobat MeetMalang.Net, ayas want to explain Angkot. Angkot is an appropriate, cheap, and accurate way for us who are newbie in Malang. Why? is right Sobat MeetMalang.Net that angkot is a transportation that is very easy to find in Malang. The cost is cheap, the cost is same for far and near distance. The cost is counted from a station to a station. It is Rp. 3.500 Sobat. So, if there is a driver who asks more than the cost, umak can report him. If there is a transportation owner who increase the cost over the rule, Pak Hamdi said that he will give a doubt. Its trayek will be left. So like that sobat MeetMalang.Net. sobat should understand this matter, if Sobat do not understand it, sobat can be tricked by the driver, because he thinks that sobat is new freshman. If Sobat has known the cost, sobat does not ask to the drivers pinten reggone (how must is the cost)! So sobat is not like new fresh man. Sobat will be safe from a tricking.

That case is talked by the head of transport-service (Dishub) Malang city, Handi Priyanto said that the decision of cost is decided in the meeting that was held on Friday, January, 23 2015. This meeting was presented by transport-service east java province, Organda, and delegations of chief angkot track. Pak Handi said “there were two important decisions, the first, if the price of fuel (BBM) is about Rp. 6.000 to Rp. 8.000, so the cost of transportation for public passengers were Rp. 3.500 and the students were Rp. 2.000. If the price of fuel (BBM) is about Rp. 8.000 to Rp. 9.000 so the cost of transportation for public passengers were Rp. 4.000 and the students were Rp. 2.500.

Umak can go around Malang by using the angkot. Ayas also give an information! If there is a blue angkot, it means that the angkot is from Malang city. If the angkot is yellow, it means that it is from Malang regency.

Oh my God, there are many symbols too in Malang, and ayas must explain too. The first ayas explain them in Malang city area. In malang city area, there is Arjosari, Gadang (HamidRusdi), and LandungSari station. The stations are the main station in Malang city and the angkot has symbol of the first letter such as Arjosari=A, Gadag=G, and Landungsari=L. Thus, umak must also know the route. AG means the route Arjosari to Gadang and so on. But if you want to go to Malang town square or Jami’ mosque Malang, umak should take on GA route. Like that so…have you understood? waiting to go to Malang. (ulm)