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5 Actions of Lecturers

MeetMalang.Net - Assalamualaikum…How are you Ker? Meeting again Umak-umak with Ayas. There are information that Ayas want to tell Umak-umak who are still studying in the university. Because this information is very important, so ayas need your opinions, agree or disagree with your opinions after this. A lecturer is a person who cannot pass out from subjects, because a lecturer is an expert person in the subject.

1. A Lecturer Who Likes Make up the Schedule

A lecturer can change the schedule as he/she wants, but it becomes a bored action moreover to be fear. But it is sometimes be happy based on his/her characteristic and style in the classroom. If umak face with a lecturer who has this style, you do not worry with your score. Moreover, if you are absent, you will get score..why? Because you can give reasons that the time clash with your job, of course the lecturer will give your score without considering your diligence in the class. Because the lecturer understands that cause of your absence is him/her.

2. Seldom Coming, But Full Time Duties

Education world is a world where all of subjects as they will us slowly, moreover if we discuss about “DUTY” and Duties.  They become the most loyal shape in our days in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Duties are the main priority than eating and taking bath but not for praying. This lecturer has a unique attitude, seldom for coming, but Full Time Duties. There is no explanation, of course the students will not understand by themselves. Because it is not Ladunni Knowledge (knowledge that is coming by itself from the God).

3. A Critical Time Lecturer

A lecturer is too critical with time. He becomes my heavy challenge in my study. Sometimes umak will be lazy and IL fill when you met him. Because the lecturer’s attitude is not allowed to late 2-3 minutes, must be on time. If umak are late, umak are asked for going out. So umak who often come late, umak will be seldom in the classroom. But ayas have a way for facing this type lecturer. Umak can ask a help to your diligent friend, on time to bring your bag or your books. So, if umak come late, umak can give a reason, I came a bathroom sir/mom. Heheheheh…keep smile!

4. A Flying Lecturer

This flying lecturer is a lecturer who sometimes also makes us IL feel. Because this lecturer’s attitude does not care to students. His/her name is a flying lecturer, the lecturer is not origin from your campus. The lecturer always compares their students’ ability with their students in his permanent campus. So, if umak face with this type lecturer, i am sure that umak will be IL feel. Not only that, this flying lecturer is happy to compare his/her students who are in his campus with your campus.

5. A Selfish Lecturer

Here, ayas totally agree and 100 % agree. Most of lecturers have attitude as TTM (tak mau mengalah) or a selfish lecturer. It is like a song. If umak-umak face with this lecturer, ayas suggest that you do not have different opinion or it will be better to silent because umak will become a victim of his/her anger. I am sure that if umak meet the lecturer, umak will be IL feel. Because you do not have a freedom to think in comprehending and expressing.

Those are my information that I can give to umak-umak. Agree or disagree, we give to all friends of MeetMalang.Net as readers. The main point is sharing that what I feel as a writer. (ulm)