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4 Stagnant Streets in Malang Raya

Hai….MeetMalang.Net - Yup..ayas give information for you sobat-sobat about the stagnant street/high way in Malang based on MeetMalang.Net. There are some super stagnant streets, and ayas believe that your feet will be tired when you through this street, because umak must get on and get off from your transportation. Hehehe…ayas give information, so you do not pass this streets when you want to go to Malang or town square. You should find the alternative streets. Here, the super stagnant streets are in Malang based on MeetMalang.Net

1. Gajayana Street

Gajayana Street, Sub.Lowokwaru, Malang, East Java, Indonesia. This street is one of the Stagnant Street in Malang, because this street has two big campuses in Malang as Brawijaya University and Islamic State of Maulana Malik Ibrahim (UIN Malang). The reason is the street is narrow, only two cars. If there is a bus or a truck which pass the street, the traffic jam can happen completely. Moreover, when there is an event in the campus such as graduation etc.

2. Jend.Ahmad Yani Malang Street

This street can be found in Sabilillah mosque, Telkom Blimbing Malang, Sabilillah Islamic Elementary School, Santo Albertus de Trapani Catholic Church, Licensing Department, GARDU INDUK BLIMBING, and Across Bridge. It’s jamming happen because there are many institutions there. It is as common high way to Pasuruan and Surabaya

3. Terusan Raden Intan Street

This street also becomes the stagnant street in Malang, because this street is as the arterial road to Arjosari bus station where this bus station is as for buses from Pasuruan, Surabaya, Bali, and Jakarta line. If sobat-sobat pass this street, you have high patience.

4. Soedanco Supriyadi Street

This street can be found as an access door Malang City from Kepanjen or Blitar. While in Malang City, it is after Arief Margono Street. This street is the quitest stagnation in Malang Raya, because there is a University of Kanjuruhan Malang and also there many schools there. The size of street is narrow that can make stagnation.

Guarantying, the stagnation is long…. If Umak do not believe, you can try to go to there in the morning and afternoon.  If ayas am wrong, it does not prove stagnation, umak can give hot critics for me. But, don’t sacrilege, don’t you? It is only based on my experience for passing this street. Hehehehe ….but, umak are not afraid and bored for going to Malang, although the street is crowded. Because there are much natural scenery in Malang that you do not look yet. Umak should know as I drew in the previous content. (ulm)