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3 Things That Make You Endure in Malang

MeetMalang.Net - There are some persons said that Malang is famous because of three things that make you endure to stay in Malang, they are:

1. The Culture

The wealth etnis and culture that are owned Malang city has an effect on traditional art there. One of them is a famous traditional art that is Wayang Topeng Malangan(Malang Mask), however in this era, it has been eroded by modern arts. This art style is one of form which is from three cultures (Central java, Madurese, and Tengger). That case happens because Malang has three sub cultures, they are central java sub culture that lives in slope of Kawi Mountain, Madurese sub culture that lives in slope of Arjuna Mountain, and Tengger that rest of Majapahit culture in slope of Bromo-Semeru Mountain. Malang ethnic society is known as religious, dynamic, hard worker, simple and proud of identity as Arek Malang (AREMA) with respect togetherness and loyal to Malang.

2. The Language

Let’s study how this language is here, how is the parentage? Let’s ayas hisak tahu? The fact, The Malangan language is found by Ebes Suyudi Raharno who are from Gerilya Rakyat Kota (GRK) society. The purpose is as a code language to differentiating who are patriotists, supporters, and enemies. It has risen since about 1949 to banish Netherland’s strategy that has many spies. They hunted Mayor Hamid Rusdi’s supporters. Wow…it is wonderful, isn’t it sob? Ayas am proud of this city. The conclusion is this language has a strong historical value and the patriotists’ strategy used this language well.

Sob, this language does not have a standard rule, although some of people formulate it as “Bahasa walikan” but the fact all of words cannot be reserved.  It is different of Bahasa walikan in general that is owned by others areas, Osob Kiwalan (Boso Walikan khas AREMA) has a uniqueness itself. This Malang language is a composite from Javanese, Indonesia, Arabic, Madurese, and Chinese. So, the words that are used from an agreement at the time. It is very unique and special Malang, that makes Boso Malangan different of Bahasa Walikan from others area.

At it’s expansion, this language that does not have a standart rule by itself become communication language or society language among malang when they are in other cities or abroad. Developing of Boso Wali’an is not stagnant, because there are some new vocabularies. But, it does not mean that the new vocabularies can be added freely. The vocabularies also rise from traditional or common conversation. Any way, the words wali’an must be spoken and aceppted by society as social communication. These are some vocabularies of kere-kera Ngalam Kawan= nawak, bahaya=ayahab, kamu=umak, saya=ayas, io=oi (ia), mas=sam (kakak), arek-arek=kera-kera (teman-teman)and soon. So, malang city has a unique language. Hehe..oya sob! Try to visit MeetMalang.Net, you will know the amazing of wali’an language.

3. Area

Malang city is one of tourism destination city that is East Java province, Indonesia. This city is near from Sidoarjo city, pasuruan, and Surabaya. Malang city is one of the bigger city after Surabaya that is capital city of East Java province. The wide of Malang area is about 110, 06 km2, and Malang Raya is about 252, 10 km2, that is consist of Batu city and Malang residence. Malang city is one of city that is in highland, so that it has fresh air. Many society of Indonesia evaluate that Malang is comfort city for living. The beauty of Malang can be seen from some mountains, such as Mt. Semeru, that is the highest mountain in java island, Mt.Arjuna that is in Malang residence, and Mt.Putri tidur.
If you have come in this city, you will be as in Swiss (Europe), because of it, Malang can be known Switzerland van Java. Malang city also can be known as city of flower, because this city has many beautiful parks. So it is not amazed if this city often gets Adipura award. Malang is education city, because there are many famous universities such as Muhammadiyah University, Brawijaya University, State of Malang University, and State of Politektik University etc. Malang city also become a tourist destination from domestic or international tourist. It has much culinary food, some restaurants and stall have the unique and special food in this city. You will be friendly when you go to around Malang. It is not amazed that Malang city has been known by Makan Langsung (Malang).

That is a few explanation from ayas know. Ayas believe umak can be comfort in Malang. Oya, MeetMalang.Net….!! (ulm)