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Malangan Language

Oops! MeetMalang.NetTalking about Malang city, there are many aspects that umak-umak do not understand yet, such as language, its nature conditions, and buildings. Now, ayas want to discuss its language. The language is very unique in Malang. Ayas guarantee that in another cities, there is not language like this yet. Malang is famous with Walikan language. So, as ayas discuss before, kamu is reversed to be umak, saya is reversed to be ayas. And there are many words that are reversed. So, if umak come to Malang should be able to reverse each words. Most of people say that people of Malang are smart people. Why? Yup, it is the fact. Please, umak imagine, when saying umak must reverse the words. Certainly, umak think twice, don’t you? Hehehe. Malang language is unique. Do you agree? ……

Let’s study together, how this language is here, how is germination of this language? Let’s ayas tell. In fact, Malangan language itself was invented by Ebes Suyudi Raharno who was from patriot society Gerilya Rakyat Kota (GKR) was as a communication language among patriots. Its purpose was as a code language to distinguish between patriots, an endorsers, and enemies. It arose about 1949 to banish from Dutch’s strategy that penetrated many spies in patriot society for hunting patriots who supported Mayor Hamid Rusdi. Wah...wah.... It was very excited, wasn’t it? Ayas is proud of this city. The conclusion is this language has a strong historical value and patriots’ strategy used this language well.

Sob, this language does not have a standard rule, although most of people formulate this language as “bahasa walikan” but in fact, not all of words come from a reversed word and all of words can be reversed.

Different of common Bahasa walikan that is owned by other regions, Osob Kiwalan (Boso Walikan khas AREMA) has uniqueness itself, so you cannot reverse carelessly. This special Malang language is combined language from Javanese, Indonesian, Arabic, Madurese, and Chinese. So, words is used is a result at the time. It is very unique and special Malang, which makes Boso Malangan different of Bahasa Walikan from other regions.

At its development, this language  has not a standart rule itself to be a communication language or society language among people of Malang  when they were out of town and in overseas. The development of Bahasa walikan is not stagnant, because there are new words that do not include of original Boso Malangan. However, it does not mean that new words can be added or risen directly. The words also rise from tradition or common words which are spoken in society. Anyway, its germination rises new vocabularies walikan which is still same, walikan words must be spoken and accepted by society as social language.

Here, common words which is spoken by kera-kera Ngalam plus special vocabularies Malang which use in society and its dialect. Kawan=nawak, bahaya=ayahab, kamu=umak, saya=ayas, io-oi (ia), mas=sam (kakak), arek-arek=kera-kera (teman-teman) etc. So sob, this Malang city’s language is very unique. Guaranteed, sobat-sobat want to try this Bahasa malangan. In addition this unique language, Bahasa walikan also has a challenge to think more. Hehehehe.. upss..sob! Try to visit MeetMalang.Net knowing the unique bahasa walikan, guaranteed to be addicted. hehehehe (ulm)